TFKs very own Hip Hop thread


It’s just fantasy mate, like this lovely ditty from Kool G Rap…

“Bitch why you lyin’, bitch you been cheatin’/Now I gotsta give your motherfuckin’ ass a beatin’/I punched her in the ribcage and kicked her in the stomach/I stomped her and I kicked her and I punched her in the face”

He didn’t mean any of that obviously, it’s art.




#I say that shit just clowning dogg#
Eminem, Stan


This track is pure art @ChocolateMice


Are you axing me or telling me?


Informing you buddy.




Yes, mate. There are no known instances of hip hop artists shooting each other or beating up their women.


I suppose all rock musicians are murderers now as well mate?

Strange how its only the rappers that get stereotyped over their music.


How many Norwegian black metal TFK fans are there?


FAO the wiggers of TFK, google is your friend today. Knock yourselves out dropping those wicked beats yo


@labane1917 and @ChocolateMice I hear this is tearing it up on the streets of Sacramento these days.


Your wigger ass wouldn’t last 5 seconds in Sactown mate, the bloods and crips would be fighting over your dismembered corpse.



Eminem is back featuring Beyoncé
Walk on Water



Eminem was a far better artist when he was off his head on prescription drugs.



Rjd2…this lad is savage
great tune @feck_it


cc @The_Most_Infamous