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Ice Cube and Kevin Hart review John Barnes and Andrew Coles rapping skills among others


Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar


Some new stuff. Been a pretty poor year so far though.




Biggie vs 2pac?

Biggie Smalls for this bear.


Kirs Kros - JUMP


[QUOTE=“Kinvara’s Passion, post: 988529, member: 686”]Kirs Kros - JUMP



Sir Mix Alot - Monster Mack


Is it fair to say that Stankonia and The Love Below are the two finest Hip Hop albums of all time?


I’m a big fan of Phrenology by the Roots. A couple of Public Enemy albums could have that claim too.


For me the greatest hiphop album of all time would be the below from Mobb Deep. Going up to Dublin to see them next Friday night should be excellent gig.


Black thought from the Roots is an excellent MC, love his verses on this track with Big Pun - Super Lyrical


They are indeed two fine records. I would also rate very highly 3 feet high and Rising, Illmatic, Dr Octagon, 36 Chambers, The Chronic and my own favourite Paul’s Boutique. Endtroducing deserves a mention too.


Endtroducing a hip hop album?


Yes. I believe it is considered to be a landmark album in the instrumental hip hop genre.


Wu-Tang Forever, Hell on Earth, Life After Death, MMLP & Illmatic would be my 5 favourite hiphop albums of all time.


Paul’s Boutique here as well.

Nation of Millions would have to be there as well.

Just listening to Endtroducing there in the car earlier. I would call it trip pop almost in the Massive Attack sense.


Would have always considered it electronic of some sort, trip hop maybe. Anyway, one of my favourite albums of all time, top 3.


Aquemini needs to be on that list


Reasonable doubt and the original Blueprint from Jay-z before he came an insufferable cunt are classic albums.