The 2019 Joe Player Memorial Hurling Predicition League


This is now for serious hurling men where the chaff will be sorted from the wheat . No real hurling man takes the league hurling in the muck and shit seriously


Time to dance


Shots fired @Julio_Geordio

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There’s a man here for any man

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating

There’s no sympathy in this game .


I’ll supply a Joe Player TFK T-Shirt to the winner.

And amend the Thread title too to The Joe Player Memorial Hurling Prediction Thread.

cc @Copper_pipe




I have a slight problem. I thought tipp were at home when I backed them. Cork will win pulling up. I was going to be magnanimous but now there’s a t shirt at stake, I’d like to change my prediction to Cark. If this isn’t possible I’ll take it philosophically and hope Cark have two lads sent off early.




You click on the hide results and vote again


Ah here. I’ll get no sleep now.


Fucking amateur hour. He’ll have to get Jeeves to sort it for him


Jeeves knows less about hurling than I do. I only let him do the three day eventing prediction thread.


Predicition stays. It feels right.


Can everyone double check their entries and make sure they have a registered prediction on each poll.

At the time of writing one poll has one less vote compared to the others.

3 polls has 56 votes and one poll (Galway v Carlow) only has 55 votes


The ‘so called weaker counties’. Give us our proper title, you square headed Cunt


Would you go out on a limb and have a guess?


Now Clare which seems a bit odd, people obviously reckon the Walsh Park factor will be a major influence.


After a sleepless night and a day of worry I have just changed two (2) of my predictions.


Offaly have a new backroom member that may drag @caoimhaoin out of retirement