The 2019 Joe Player Memorial Hurling Predicition League


I feel I can manage this better than the Nap League :slight_smile:

Going to use public polls for this and polls will close 2 hours before throw in for each game.

4 games this weekend.

2pts for a correct prediction

  • Kilkenny
  • Draw
  • Dublin

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  • Galway
  • Draw
  • Carlow

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  • Waterford
  • Draw
  • Clare

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  • Tipperary
  • Draw
  • Cork

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Go fuck yourself


The use of polls here almost makes this feel like a real competition. A brave new era.


LImerick / Tipp A I final.

Take that to the bank.


@Joe_Player would be very proud of you Copper :clap:


Tipp trailing just behind Carlow at the moment in the high-profile “least-likely-team-to-win-this-weekend-as-voted-by-TFK” stakes


Ohoho Tipp will kill all round them to get to us… It’s going to be some year.


It will change the way prediction leagues are run forever more.


You will have a fair idea after 10 minutes if Tipp are better than last year .

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If this is called the 2019 Hurling Prediciction (sic) League then why aren’t all intercounty hurling games this weekend included



It’s the Barstool Hurling Prediction League only.


What’s the prize?


What are you hoping to win?


A thumb up the hole


Can’t you do that yourself and save yourself from entering this competition.

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No, I need your help.

I’ve entered.


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we’ve a live thumb up the hole situation here.

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@joe_player would be disgusted that this isn’t being run randomly using twine, a bookies pen, and the back of a box of woodbine.


Set one up there for the weaker (Leinster + Kerry) counties yourself.