The 57th Rose of Tralee International Festival - 2015 Edition

Starts tonight.

There’s been a very low key build up this year ahead of the annual “simpletons posting hilarious Father Ted quotes on social media” festival.

Sort of like when Kilkenny reach an All-Ireland hurling final through the back door, or the front door, or any door.

Boston and Cork are my two against the field.


Sad the build up is so low key this year. Always look forward to the femanists getting their thongs in a knot when they try to pull their dicks out of them in the run up to it

Sydney has the hair up, more relaxed than the rest but I bet she scrubs up a treat.



There’s a young wan in this I think she’s around 18 or 19, supposedly the youngest ever Rose, and she’s a right bit of stuff

I’m happy with my choice of Boston.

She’s struggling with those high notes though.

What’s become of the Rose Of Tralee, guns n’ roses??? Bandage must be turning in his grave

Puns ‘n’ Roses.

Here’s Boston.

Like a young Shannen Doherty.

Up Scotstown.

Head off Jackie Sharp from House of Cards.

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What are Galway’s prospects in Tralee? Success for Sheila O’Halloran in 1980 and Mindi O’Sullivan in 1998 were the precursors to September glory for the hurlers and footballers.

Very very little chance of winning

I’m officially transferring my support to Monaghan’s Michelle Caulfield. She’s from the wonderful village of Scotstown and commutes every morning during term time to teach in my local primary school, which is frankly utterly mental stuff, but she has a lovely smile and personality and clearly loves driving as much as Mick O’Dwyer.

However I’d be happy to put her up for free in the spare bedroom to shorten her commute.

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Church of Ireland lady on now.

The name Daphne was a bit of a giveaway.

Shes a tranny

I saw this girl on stage at the Borrisoleigh festival recently.

Camogie player on now. Back to normality.

This lady is sound. Hope she wins.

Claire Balding on now.

32 counties in 9 seconds. FFS Sake