The advanced gardening thread

Lovely job. The insecure lads will be on telling you it’s not straight or you missed a bit and the likes.

I got sick of the trimming so I ripped out a whole hedge last year. Some difference. More light, more space, better drainage and the growth of the grass on both sides of where it was is significantly improved.

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Jesus that’s a sneaky way of having a cut off him.

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Pulled about 2 wheelbarrows of creeping buttercup off the lawn yesterday. Cunt of stuff.

What about the bees?

There’s a wildflower garden with plenty for them and a 5 acre meadow covered in buttercups outside the fence so loads for them to munch on

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It’s fucking everywhere. Cunts of yokes to pull

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It’s straight enough for me.

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Had my last sowing day of the spring season there today. Pumpkin, marrow, kale, purple broccoli and dwarf beans gone down. We’ll see what comes up :arrow_up::pray:. Pulled the horseradish while I was at it. Cleaned and peeled a small bit of the root and grated a tiny piece of it. Fuck me it’s hot. I’ll clean and grate the rest of it tomorrow and make a jar of sauce for the fridge.


My annual bedding plants just aren’t getting going at all this year.
Must be the cold nights.

Same here. Basket and tub plants also very slow.

I was having a look at them yesterday and all the growing points are scorched from the cold nights and stiff breezes. Hopefully they will recover as the garden is looking a bit bear at the moment and that means the weeds will move in.