The Alcoholics Log Thread

I see Ray Wilkins has a problem with the boddle.

He was in court for some right good drink driving

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Too make it worse, I believe he was drinking whilst driving.

Define “right good”

No twas worse again. He was driving whilst drinking

Is that the famous ‘Butch’ Wilkins?

Yeah, you forgot a full stop at the end ya thick cunt.

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Signing in

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Signing out. My shit has returned to a normal solidity after about 3 weeks of heavy boozing and the consequent arsepiss.

Signing in. Wife gone off with the kids and mother in law for a few days


How’s the mental health ?
I’d be sizing up the shortest trip to Lough Derg* if I did more than 2 days on it now.

  • not for spiritual guidance.

Jammie cunt.

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New corner sofa an all. I was warned not to smoke in the sitting room. Sitting down with a few cans and smoking my brains out and the recliner out to the last. It’s the simple things chief. Im not a greedy man. Just the simple pleasures :wink:


Make the most of it buddy. I’ve a total of something like 17 hotel nights ahead of me
in August with Mrs Bradley and the kids. Luckily spread out over 10 nights straight and then 3 other venues over 7 nights.
The first 2 or 3 days/nights will be ok… after that though. … I’ll need an auld binge to refresh me.


Will do chief


Sounds amazing

The mental health is ok. As a general rule I don’t really feel stress at all, although the last six weeks have been pretty chock a block between, work, family and other pressures. Thankfully it seems to have abated and I have weathered the storm. Booze was integral in weathering that storm. It left me with a few rough sundays, and mondays, and thursdays and saturdays but the natural insulation of booze is wonderful if harnessed correctly.


It’s fine for a couple of nights. I’ll be glad to see them back Friday night

It’s a fine line though buddie.
That feeling on a Friday evening as the weight of the world lifts off of your shoulders and you’re reminded of all that’s good in your life can easily be replaced with the feeling of waking up buck naked in the en suite covered in vomit and no one in the house or your wider circle of friends speaking to you.
There’s only about 3 pints in the difference.