The All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships 2018


Bluster, bullshit, deflection, moving of goalposts to try and deflect away from the utter dismantling of your flawed argument. Where are all these 6ft 6, 6ft 8 and 6ft 10 giraffes on the roll of honour that you keep tell us that excel at Championship and are the prototype grass players?

I re-iterate, just 5 champions in the near 140 years since its inception in 1881 over 6ft 3 and the tallest of those 5 was 6ft 5. Average height of Championship winner since 1990 - 6 feet 1 and a half, same as at Roland Garros.

You’ve now even resorted to attacking the credentials of 5ft 10 Lleyton Hewitt, the shortest champion in the last 35 years. Is it not a great achievement for Hewitt to prevail in the Land of the Giraffe or do you have an issue with players under 6 feet as well?


It’s a body of empirical evidence. The only bluster and bullshit is your inability to accept reality.

You must certainly expect Federer to beat a guy you consider a bum today.


I would expect Federer to beat Anderson today and if by some twist of faith Isner wins then i would expect Federer to beat him. If Raonic wins and I expect him to then i can see Raonic troubling Federer, I would expect Federer to have too much for Raonic


I’d expect Federer to dispose of Anderson today, possibly in four sets. He needs to be vigilant though. At almost 37 and in semi retirement, those really bad days at the offices when you could lose to anyone can just materialize from nowhere. The Great Man in his veteran years has lost to bums like Stakhovsky at the Championship, Robredo in the US Open and Seppi in Australia. Memories of inexplicable defeats like those should keep him honest. He’s lost in 2018 to the likes of Coric in Halle and Thanasi Kokkinasis in Miami and is not at the same level he was at in 2017.


What a slight from the organizing committee. The Great Man has been asked to play on Court 1. Court 1 is no place for the GOAT and 8 times and reigning champion on quarter final day.

Federer breaks Anderson in the very first game of the match.


Ah its like the moaners about Dublin playing in Croke Park. It’s all in the interest of fairness.


Federer is on fire.


First set polished off 6-2 in 26 minutes by the Great Man.


This is exhibition stuff. That shot to finish the set was unreal.


Big serving Giraffe/Dinosaur Kevin Anderson has only served one Ace in the first set against Federer. :smile:


Federer just lost serve.


Federer has gone for lunch at the start of this set. Anderson leads 3-0.


First time the Great Man has lost serve at the Championship since the 8th game of the semi final against Berdych last year. He’s just broken back though and it’s back on serve with the Great Man to serve at 2-3.

Djokovic has taken the first set 6-3 against Nishikori.


The Great Man takes the 2nd set in a tie-break.

5ft 10 Nishikori has leveled it up against 6ft 2 Djokovic taking the 2nd set 6-3.


15 aces after 2 sets (22 games) in the Federer Anderson game.

4 aces after 2 sets (18 games) in the Djokovic Nishikori game.


I was just looking at the serving stats there, both matches are roughly at the same stage, half way through the 3rd set.

Federer has served 9 aces, first serve average speed of 114, second serve average speed of 98.

Djokovic has served 4 aces, first serve average speed of 114, second serve average speed of 96.

Federer and Djokovic essentially serving at the same pace. 6ft 8 giraffe Kevin Anderson is just not very good at returning serve. One dimensional big servers don’t prosper at the Championship, you need to have an all round game, strong in all facets.


But they do. Freaks like Ivo Karlovic and John Isner have recorded their best career performances at Wimbledon. The only slam Anderson has done better at is the US Open. Pete Sampras won 7 Wimbledon titles.


Match point to the GOAT. :slight_smile:


Yes, you’ve highlighted Karlovic and Isner’s mediocre records at the Championship ad nauseam at this stage.

I’ve just clamped you on your serving stats by highlighting that Nishikori (5ft 10) has a much better all round game than Anderson (6ft 8) and that’s part of the reason Federer is serving so many aces against Anderson as Anderson is not very good in that key facet of the game, returning serve.

As usual when you’re clamped, you bluster, bullshit and deflect and ignore the issue.


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