The All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships 2018


Careless from the Great Man. Passes up his match point and Anderson breaks next game for 6-5. He’s been scratchy enough really since putting on an exhibition in the first set.

Djokovic took the third set but Nishikori has broken in the opening game of the fourth.


You’re trying to dispute facts again.


I’ve dealt with the facts from the outset. You took a flyer on this at the start claiming that Isner and Karlovic had excellent records on grass and even posted up video clips of both at the Championship.

I pointed out to you that this was untrue. Karlovic in 14 appearances exited in Round 1 & 2 on 10 occasions and only ever made one quarter final. Isner at 33, prior to this year had never made it past Round 3.

Those are terrible records at the Championship for players that you hold up as prototype grass court players and excelling on grass courts.


You’re not dealing with facts. You’ve shown blatant disregard as to how a freakish subset of tennis players with big serves perform better on grass than other surfaces.


He isn’t on yet.


Federer is in a spot of bother. Last thing he needed was a five setter.


PEDerer is playing a giraffe now.


Looks like Djokovic is back. Dont write him off.


Federer has played very scratchily since the 1st set. You’d have expected him to capitalise on the match point he had in Set 3 though. If he does get out of this, its difficult to see Federer retaining his title. He looks like a 37 year old here. A 5 setter here if he survives it will most likely exact a serious toll further down the road. Two years ago it was ultimately the 5 setter against Cilic in the quarter final which beat him against Raonic in the semi final.


He looks like the drugs have worn off.


Federer at his venerable age doesn’t really have the physical capability to play more than 3 sets now.


Is Ped losing?




The Swiss druggy


Don’t be silly Geoff. Ped loads up on the juices and they wear off as the game goes on.


Ped won the first set without breaking a sweat but as the game goes on the drugs are wearing off and ped now looks very vulnerable. Although it must be said this Anderson guy is pretty useless and it’s remarkable he’s made it this far.


You’re just been silly now. Anderson isn’t very good as you’ve said but he’s around long enough to know that if he hung in there, Federer would start to wilt physically. Credit to Anderson for sniffing the chance that today could be his Jerry Maguire day in an undistinguished career and hanging in there. He’s still got the tricky bit to do still though, closing the deal.


You said he’s a bum. Not very good is some backtrack.


A huge backtrack


He is a bum. It took him 27 Grand Slam events to make a quarter final and has only made two in his long career.