The All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships 2018


You’re hysterical now. The mask has fallen.


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Well said mate. He has a very poisonous mind.

You’d have to be mentally ill to call people names like that over a game of tennis.


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Look at that anger.


John Isner - 2018 Wimbledon semi finalist. He’s never made it to a SF in another slam. How it his worst slam?


Karlovic’s best career performance is Wimbledon, the only slam he has a winning record at.


A 6ft8 monster server will face off against a 6ft10 monster server for a place in the final. Wimbledon as it always has been is a preserve for big serving giraffes, grazing on the green with their lengthy limbs.

I’m just happy to have called it from the outset and shown myself to be a very shrewd and informed tennis commentator. While all you have shown yourself to be is a uninformed little Englander who can’t listen to reason and logic and gets carried away with misplaced jingoism.

You’ve made the fatal mistake of writing off big serving giraffes on grass. If you had any class you would offer a sincere apology to me.


You’re struggling to understand why I asserted some weeks back that this was John Isner’s worst Grand Slam? You really struggle with basic facts. Coming into this tournament the Championship was John Isner’s worst Grand Slam. He’d never made it past Round 3. Isner made it to Round 4 at the Australian Open twice, Round 4 at the French Open on three occasions and a quarter final of the US Open.


You seem to be unaware of reality. John Isner is a Wimbledon semi finalist.


You keep saying the giants win wimbledon but has been shown many times on here that is not the case. Just because you keep saying it doesn’t make it true. You have been leaping from one big lad to another, first it was Cilic, then Karlovic, and now it is Anderson or Isner. Sure we could all be right all the time if we kept moving the goalposts like you do.

This years winner will be either Djokovic or Nadal.


I never said they always win Wimbledon. I said they always prosper on Wimbledon. Get that into your head as I’ve stated the same point from day one to now. It’s not my problem if you can’t make the simple differentiation.

A huge serve is vital for Wimbledon, it’s the most important weapon you can have. A very one dimensional Sampras was able to dominate Wimbledon winning 7 titles and the rest of his wasn’t really up to a whole lot. I would not call Federer one dimensional but his serve is one of his biggest weapons and without it he would not have won 8 titles there.

These big giraffes I have mentioned nearly all have monster serving power, it is just physics that they can generate more power. What is notable is this prototype of player, the aforementioned big serving giraffe thrive on grass, the best players in the world struggle with them more on grass, they record their career best slams on grass.

Big serving giraffes deserve respect when being played on grass as they are very dangerous.

In a wider sense, grass court tennis deserves less respect than other surfaces as it enables one dimensional players to prosper.

Set play tennis.

From the outset I have successfully prophesied the type of players who trove at Wimbledon. You argued otherwise and were made look quite silly.


And grinders flourish on the clay. Look at Gaston Gaudio won the French open and couldn’t do any better than the 3rd round at other slams, look at Albert Costa won the French and the best he could do was a QF in Australia. Tennis is horses for courses except for Federer, Nadal, Djokovic who can play on and win on most surfaces. You dont like big servers, fine, I’m not too fond of to guys hitting a ball back to each other 20 times rather than go for a winner.


One comment you hear a lot of players both past and current (of an older vintage) make is that they’ve slowed down the grass courts and hard courts over the last decade or so and there’s a real sameness on nearly all surfaces now.


They are starting to change that again because folks are now bored of watching to guys hit the ball back to each 20- 30 times for 5 hours, that’s why you are seeing the bigger servers having more of an impact. Wimbledon is only really different on the first week when the courts are new, after the first week the grass is worn and it is more like a clay court. I heard Murray saying the other day that because of the dry courts the ball is bouncing higher than normal on a grass courts.


A first set tie break. I wasn’t expecting that. :slight_smile:


How are the giraffes performing on their big day?


Doing well. Anderson took the first set on a tie break. 18 Aces served in the first set and Isner just server 3 aces in a row in the opening game of the second set and one of them was on a second serve.


Im shocked they just played a rally there, Anderson won that one. :slight_smile:


Terrific stuff. Serving is a great skill of the game.