The All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships 2018


Needle Nadal will win it out


It will all come out dodgy, he’s in the froome club.


Nadal had four set points in the 2nd set tie break (two on his own serve) to go two sets up but passed up them all and Del Potro has just broken to take the 3rd set and a 2-1 lead.


Nadal through.

A 6ft8 giraffe and a 6f10 giraffe will face off in the semi final. The two greatest players in the world to face off in the other semi


Has anyone ever got it as right about anything as I’ve got it about Wimbledon?


You got it all wrong as usual.


Show some respect


I got it right you fool. You’ve been arguing against my logic since the start and it’s unfolded to be utterly prophetic.


You and Germany


Even a stopped clock is right twice a day…




Respect is earned and he hasn’t earned it.


I’ve taken it whether you want to give it or not.


He got it bang on


He’s a holocaust denier. Sour grapes from him.


And there is the reason that you dont get respect. Calling people holocaust deniers, rape apologists, baby murderers all because some people dont agree with him.

He is not right because a giraffe hasnt won the competition yet. Yes there will be one in the final but they wont beat djokovic or nadal. He got lucky today, Federer should have finished of Anderson in the thrid set, he didnt and he paid for it.

Like i said a stopped clock is right twice a day and that is all @Cicero_Dandi is a useless stopped clock.


Dry your eyes, mate.


Earn the respect.

No need to dry my eyes. I was happy with the tennis on show especially the Del potro/Nadal match that could have swung either way.

Thankfully i have a life and dont need to win the internet like you do to justify my life. :grinning:


You’re very bitter.


Only bitter person around here is you, calling people holocaust deniers, baby killers and rape apolgists because they dont agree with is sick and disgusting.