The Amazon is Burning

Had a search on here and nothing on here. Nor in the news. Huge swaths of the Amazon is on fire, how come it’s not in the news??

Cause no white people died ?

Didn’t they light the fires on purpose? Serves them right

There were lads on here cheerleading “strong leader™” Bolsonaro when he won the election

I guess a reduction in the earth’s oxygen supply won’t affect them

Nature mate. Be grand.

A fire every now and then is good for a forest. Grows back stronger


Ah fuck off i only ordered that sleep book TUM recommended yesterday

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The Amazon is earths lungs

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Romeo is bleeding but you can’t see his blood

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It’s hardly notre dame in fairness, a few trees catch fire every day all over the world ffs.

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Never knew there was so many Tree Huggers on social media since it happened.

The sad thing is if it was an Amazon fufilment centre on fire and people thought the crap they bought on the internet would be delayed there’d be rolling coverage in the media. But it’s grand it’s only our oxygen supply

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You may as well have lit the match yourself.


Trump has just tweeted that Jeff Bezos is to blame for this

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If that panther that I sponsor over there dies, I suppose I’ll have to blame trump.


You can’t grow lab reared meat without clearing a bit of land for soya. It’s only natural.


The world won’t be able to blame Limerick when ye start to run out of oxygen.

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