The 'Anglo Avenger'

This fcuking prick, Joe McNamara, at it again with his cherry picker today. He owes the tax payer €3 million in unpaid loads, it was cunts like him who rammed this country. That arse hole Christy Moore writing songs about him, what a tool. He should be locked up and have everything he owns taken off him. Rant over. :angry:

He should never have been given the loans either so I guess there is some kind of joint responsibility

Is this the same clown who drove the concrete mixer into the Dail gates?

He drove the concrete mixer up to the Dail gates. What’s his beef anyway?

Sure, there should have been due diligence done like in any bank giving a loan but it’s a bit rich a fella asking for a loan then going mental because he was given it. Where’s his responsibility?

Yes, he seems to be aggrieved about something when in fact we should be the ones pissed off with him.

He borrowed off Anglo, he couldn’t pay them back, the country is now paying for his stupidity, now he’s doing the martyr. He should be in jail and I trust he is tonight.

It’s Ireland. Responsibility for ones actions isnt part of the national ethos.

What I can’t understand is how he still has a cement truck, cherry picker etc. Surely the state bank should be taking these off him and getting some money back for the taxpayer.

National ethos’ is code for vague nationalist bullshit. It doesn’t exist beyond the fantasies of nationalists.

Exactly, what is he protesting exactly? Fuck him.

The High Court ordered his release after a demonstration was held to have him freed.

Who would they sell it to? Not much call for building plant at the moment.

Hmm up in the Northern territories there is. How much does it cost to ship over a container of stuff I wonder. The liquidators must have a rake of it going cheap

Away you go KIB Man, show us your entreprenurial tendencies and go out on your own. Thar’s money in them thar bankrupted, economically disasterous countries…

Joe Mac… Don’t make me laugh. Half the double act of Harmack construction, himself and joker Harris made some of the dumbest deals in the west and built some of the shittiest accommodation around.

He didn’t give two fcuks when he was swanning around in his Bentley a few years back.

Utter tossers, as for the bank manager that kept them rolling… Another dumb cunt.

Bentley? Are you serious KP? :lol:

I see Quinn has now been acquired by Anglo, thought Anglo was being wound up by the end of the year? What’s the story here?

Some of wheeling and dealing done by these lads was hard to believe… His partner Stevie Harris is actually an even more entertaining character. I regularly run into him out on nights out in Galway, Range Rover parked outside, not a bother in the world, they have opened a few fish and chips shops together in Galway recently :lol:

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Paid 18million for a bit of land in Clarecastle in Clare, with no planning on it, then planning was refused because site was flooded.

More pain…

This is Joe trying to get access to Padraig O Ceide at Fianna Fails ‘Daggings’ Economic think tank event in the Clayton recently. :smiley:

[quote=“Kinvara, post: 542652”]

The farmer involved in the land deal in Clare stood in the recent elections, on his manifesto he promoted repatriating foreigners to their native countries as there was no work here for them…of course his fliers were all delivered by the cheapest labour he could find…2 Polish lads :lol:

Fair play to hannibal and KP. JJ is a gas man, I heard he was awful thick after the local election defeat and I know he was thick after the general election defeat because he got thick live live on Clare FM over an ambulance.

Some niece or nephew is going to do well out of JJ

A bust bank in the process of being wound up takes over a profitable, successful insurance company :lol: :lol:

That’s very unfortunate for the car dealership involved.
Car dealers really have a tough time of it in recent years. They consistently seem to be the target of arsonists.
I wonder if it is a serial arsonist going around the country taking revenge on the motor industry after he was duped into buying a dodgy 2nd hand car.