The art discussion thread



What are you at you mongo.

Here’s a nod to Warhol, the loon.

The idea of painting all varities of Campbells soup and having them considered art is outrageous but there you have it.

A nice one from Sean Keating a man concerned with the birth of a nation
Rebirth would be fairly appropriate for us under current circumstances- We could do with a few more schemes like Ardnacrusha

the portrait of the sad demise of one of my heroes & a truely inspiring person

I was always a fan of Markey’s
I once found one on the floor of the office of a Partner I worked for, fucker didn’t know what it was. I was tempted to scobe it

And finally if I had a spare million or so around
Here’s one from Louis
A family


Edward Hopper - Nighthawks

:clap: :clap:

an excellent painting indeed NCC :clap: :clap:

was marat your hero for his sewer dwelling days of for his terrible skin affliction?

hopefully you’ll meet a nice charlotte and you can go the way he did


he was at the forefront of the greatest event in human history apart from the birth of our savior totti

he was lucky he died in the bathtub and didnt go the way of robespierre and danton


he was lucky he was stabbed rather than guilotened? wtf?

he missed out on the public trial and imprisonment beforehand

they threw his heart in the sewer for a good reason

robespierre was never imprisoned

he was, maybe if you knew what you were talking about or used better sources than wiki you’d know


Sidney Nolan’s iconic Ned Kelly series of 26 paintings is my favourite Australian art. The 26th was purchased the other week for $5 mil, a record for an Aussie painting.

I’ve seen these in the NSW Gallery and National Gallery in Canberra, they’re stunning.

Jack B Yeats would be favourite Irish artist, probably a bit obvious, but nonetheless brilliant.

The Liffey Swim

Ah thats just a pile of wank in fairness.