The ask Flano about brunch thread

@Flano, I’m an avid follower of your instagram brunch photos.

Where’s good for brunch in Dublin these days, mate?

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send on a link

RAF Flingo is sound

I saw the photos. Hes a great way about him in them

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Get thee to these three Bandge oul pal.

San Lorenzos, South Great George’s Street
Whitefriar Grill, Aungier St
Dillinger’s, Ranelagh


Flano was seething on Twitter about the length of the queues for some Star Trek convention recently. He’s a must follow on all social platforms.


What has San Lorenzos got going for it, pal?

I can take or leave Whitefriar Grill.

Only ate in Dillinger’s in the evening so might try that.

Thanks for your response.

It’s not so saintly, should really be called Hipster Lorenzos but I can look past that shit.

They do a great Huevos rancheros, their chicken tacos are :ok_hand: and the coco pops french toast is top notch.

I’m gonna be sorry here…but could you flesh out the coco pops French toast, please.

Any huevos rancheros are always disappointing, they never fill you .


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Have you given up on Herb St?

Incorrect - the one in the Winding Stair is a monster.


Hipster alert!

A very pleasing brunch at Tribeton, Galway. A wide range of eggs benedict options, I went for the chorizo add-on, the hollandaise was just right. Must return here next night I’m up here, I’d imagine it gets an amount of shapers in the door.


  1. Who does the best coffee art to accompany brunch in Dublin?

  2. If you had to pick one brunch venue in Dublin to recommend to a visiting wrestling or Star Trek fanatic then where would you choose?

Not to butt in…and I am like a broken record about this place but Forest Avenue do a Sunday Brunch second to none. It’s a six course brunch tasting menu with all variations on usual Brunch specials. Need to book it well in advance though.

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Wouldn’t reccomend anything to a Start trek fanatic, too many odd balls.

You still into the owl wrestling? Take a gander at this crowd;

I’ve had a few midweek lunches there and been impressed but I’ve never been for weekend brunch. I’ll aim to try it out early in the new year on the back of your repeated recommendations.

I was there for brunch a few times and dinner twice but the midweek lunch was a regular treat. Great value