The backlash against S&C in GGA begins

I see tadhgb keneally giving out about it last week & that miss yesterday surely showed that players are not being taught technique anymore


Keneally is a fraud


About time, its ruined the modern game. Lets go back to a few aul stretches in the dressing room before going, thats the way to do it.

Gaa players are generally more skillful and the game is faster and more attractive than ever.

The huge issue is lack of games. If you really want the best product you need to completely seperate club and county in the calender and have league systems with regular games. Play regular games and the standard rises.

Count to ten lads and pull the air.

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Take the door off the hinges on the way out there now lads, show them you mean business.

Ah that and the vallabels bag.
Happy days.
All togs and socks different. Jerseys roughly similar color but a variety of shades and vintages.

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Do teams still use the 1990s thing of counting to ten out loud and stomping studs off the dressing room floor to get pumped up?


Only the serious teams. I believe Mick Dempsey swears by that down in Kilkenny.

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Hurling - the Riverdance of sport.

There is actually a bit of value to that remarkable enough. Scientifically speaking.


It was much earlier than the 1990s, I reckon it goes back to the very beginning.

And yes, teams do still use it, warm up on pitch, go back to dressing room and come out breathing fire ready to start

Then you’ve to stand around whilst the ref tries to drum up an umpire or two and a linesman, and finds a biro that works.


Or a butt of a pencil.

did you see the miss at the weekend?

Ya. He is obviously the reason Celtic got a Gaelic man, Jim McGuinness into look after their mental preperation. He probably picked up that weakness while there. Puty he wasn’t around for Jim.

no idea what you are trying to say but McGuiness has been an absolute disaster for Celtic

Cahillane went from Celtic years before McGuinness arrived and bottled pursuing a soccer career after he was released.

Nothing worse than a cheap pair of boots and hammering a concrete floor 10 x 10 times. The soles of your feet would be like our lords hands before you’d leave the dressing room… that and some awkward cunt beside you standing down on your toes.

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