The Backtrack thread

The backtrack by @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy on the Poolbeg Towers thread must be a record

Under 10 minutes

Has to be up there.

The worst thing anybody can ever do is to change their opinions. Immediate cancelling offence.

Shoot them.

The peace process happened in 1998.

You must be a slow learner.

I’d presume the original post was firmly tongue in cheek?

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I’d have a fair bit of admiration for Adams in some ways. But not in others.

My word, this is incredible. I’m immensely proud of the Australian government for their role in helping Novak see the light.

As a sign of solidarity, I will be cheering on a vaccinated Djokovic at the French Open in May.

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Fraudiola… drug cheat and financial cheat apologises

It was a lovely slip of the tongue.

I know English isn’t his first language but Guardiola’s responses in press conferences to those charges last week have been incomprehensible gibberish.

He’s fluent in bullshit, which is all that matters.

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He was acting like the Spanish waiter in Fawlty Towers.

We no do but everyone say and I say no and they tell me no but everyone say yes but we right and we must say that and no it’s enough but Steven Gerrard slip and I no say but must be my fault but I get promise we right and they tell us so no we fight this.


He is from Barcelona and he know nathing.

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Jarly will be exhausted if he’s going to start getting personal with everyone who makes a comment about the GAA that he doesn’t like.
GAA are loaded and GAA GO is a shithouse move.

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Burns can be tetchy alright. Years ago i was a dogsbody with a production company making the underdogs for tg4. Jarlath, Mickey Ned o Suilleabhàin and mìcheàl ò muircheartaigh were the selectors. MoM was the quintessential cute hoor and was forever acting the bollox, not turning up, leaving early etc but sure what could you do? It meant the 2 boys did most of the actual work/coaching etc. After they’d left a camp one time, 3 days where MoM was barely there, MoM turned up and did a piece to camera. It was a classic. MoM in full flow. He finished with a lovely line, in English, ‘the selectors have gone home, Mickey Ned to the Kingdom, Jarlath to the united Kingdom…’. Jarlath was absolutely fuming about it. I still giggle when i think about it.

I know, cool story…


That’s top notch :clap:

Micheal is tremendous people.