The best goal scored by an Irish player

According to this Dutch website, it appears to be one from Rory Delap:


In fairness, he does well.

Not my opinion but Ray Houghton vs Italy is ofter considered the best

Christ that’s a great goal - don’t think I’d ever seen it before.

Alan Kernaghan got a great goal from the half way line after winning a challenge and beating a player as far as I remember.

Terry Phelan had a mazy dribble goal for City in the cup.

Can’t find either of those on youtube.

Ray Houghton’s famous goals would be two of the favourite goals scored by an Irish player, but surely not the best. It’s more the context that makes those goals special. His header against England is well taken but I think you have to question Pagliuca for the one against Italy. The way Houghton strikes it, it doesn’t look like he’s trying to execute a lob. Suspect he might have just hit it.

Damien Duff scored a beaut for Blackburn in the Cup I think a few years ago, where he flicked jt over a fella’s head before finishing.

Probably the most difficult goal scored by an Irish player would be Ronnie Whelan’s against Russia. It’s a fantastically difficult skill to catch the ball sweet on your shin bone. Especially while jumping backwards with both feet in the air.

Surely John Sheridan must have scored a few great goals in his time. Can’t think of one off hand but he seems to be the sort of player who would get spectacular goals if memory serves me right.

I don’t think you can look past Michael Jacob’s goal against Kilkenny in injury time in 2004.

Kilkenny leading by 1-16 to 1-15 as the game’s entering injury time and Peter Barry with ball in hand in the right half back position. Eoin Quigley executes a diving hook and we all hold our breath. Will Feno, a lineball specialist if ever there was one, be able to knock one over to earn us a deserved draw? Well - I should fooking hope so.

He takes a sip of water, pauses, and then leans and bends down on the bas of his hurley. A county waits in hope. The connection is good but it soon becomes apparent it’s not good enough. Peter Barry is back on the line and all he needs to do is catch and clear and Kilkenny have won.

He catches alright but quite incredibly, and almost inexplicably, as he turns away to his left and attempts to clear Michael Jacob appears from nowhere and blocks him down. 97 times out of 100 a similar block would fly out behind the end line for a puck out. But not that day.

The ball bounces straight down into the turf and straight back into Jacob’s hand. With one swift movement he swivels back inside onto his left and absolutely fooking drills the ball into the roof of the net.

One of the greatest moments of my life and surely the greatest goal ever scored by an Irish man.

Ronnie Whelan v USSR in 1988

caso vs the gypos last year