The Boul Davy Fitz

Dunno if this is up here yet. Saw this on AFR-Davy Fitz secretly recorded last year in the dressing room-unbelievable-I thought he was supposed to calm in the dressing room-Calling the other team cunts, wankers and tinkers. Must be the new thing now. Bad form for the lad that recorded it though!!

Have a look at TKFtube there Pikeman

cant see YT in work, what dressing room is it in?

I see it on TFK tube there now but this deserves to be in the main forum. The man is after all, a potential All-Ireland winning manager. His genius has to be seen to be believed. Al Pacino and his “Inches” teamtalk ain’t a patch on this fella.

LIT, I assume the Fitzgibbon final.

Dont know how a lad shouting at the top of his voice and fucking every second word would inspire you at all. The lads above in Davidstown used to do that for fecks sake.

typical dressing room stuff really

I would be fair thick if I was playing fitz hurling and some fookin eejit was videoing the dressing room!! he wasnt v interested obviosuly

Is that all it is, a lad fucking and blinding in a dressing room? Shur thats common fucking practice, throughout sport. Fine sometimes you’ll need to takes lads aside, but anyone who’s involved in team sports knows sometimes a rollicking is needed.

[quote=“dancarter”]typical dressing room stuff really

I would be fair thick if I was playing fitz hurling and some fookin eejit was videoing the dressing room!! he wasnt v interested obviosuly[/quote]

I get the impression that he is some fookin eejit alright. But it seems that he did play that day.

just a normal dressingroom in my opinion…this looks worse on the fella who recorded it…half an hour away from fitzgibbon cup medal and he’s too busy recording on his phone instead of listening to manager…clown…

might have been a sub or a water/hurler carrier taking the video…but the video is tame enough…same as any other dressing room in a big game…davy’s style would be somewhat in between in that video…saw him give a half time team talk against wit back in 2006 in a must win game when they were 2 points down at half time and he had completely lost it…cyril farrell was with him the same day and the difference in styles was chalk and cheese…

Most, if not all, dressing rooms have cursing and what not. But it’s moreso the mannerisms, high-pitched tones and absolute frenzied, inbred, bogger psychobabble coming out of that loonball that makes me amazed that anyone could listen to, never mind play under, a nutbar like him. Deranged, psychopath.

to be honest, players dont really listen too much at half time, normally i would be thinking to myself what need to do second half and trying to have a word with a player or two around me to pass on advice…but there is nothing worse than walking into a dressing room at half time and there is silence or hesitance from the mentors as it shows fear or lack of confience…it doesn’t really matter what i said as long as something is said…managers don’t earn your respect through half time team talks they earn it on the training pitch and any lad that has ever hurled under davy or played against a team trained by him will tell you he has the respect of his players…

i am by no means davy’s biggest fan and have had a couple of run in’s against teams he was over but i know full well that he is one of the most passionate hurling men you could meet and have nothing but respect for him…

I guess there must be method to his madness…he’s witihn 70 minutes of bringing waterford an all-ireland title and one of the best performers this season, Shane mcGrath, said in an interview that the resurrection of his intercounty career was due in no small part to davy…

mcgrath didn’t even make the tipp minor panel before he hurled under davy…other lads like barry nugent, iarlath tannion and gary o connell have gone on to become intercounty hurlers due to davy’s influence…

It’s clear he shouldn’t be let out on his own. He’s insane or are Clare people generally like that? I’m on record before saying I always felt there was a severe ‘want’ in people from the western half of the country. I don’t think this is a generalisation either. I know about 6 of these types, all of whom are crazies, and that would appear to be a sufficient sample size to make it fact.

east clare is full of lunatics…davy’s father pat rules clare gaa with an iron fist sure…you should take a drive around the likes of broadford, tulla, o callaghans mills and scariff if you think that davy is a lunatic…

I will back up this statement, but I think you could have left out “East”. Everyone single person I have known well from Clare has been a fuckin lunatic.

Ah the west ! The home of true Gaels. The blood lines are less diluted as you cross the shannon and no doubt most of this is down to inbreeding through the years. The result is a severe ‘want’ in most of us and we do not have the same reserved attitude that our eastern brothers have as a consequence of Anglican dilution. There is definitely a madness to be found in places like Kerry and Mayo that you will not find anywhere on the planet. There’s all kinds of wildness behind those eyes but a good suggestion and example perhaps of what our ancestors were like.