The Cager Thread

If you were on the open road I think it’s fair to say that 25-30kpm would be a normal speed to be cycling your roadbike at. This is what this chap is cycling. But in an urban area, for me, I would say that 18 kph is a ‘fast’ speed. That cycling lane he is on is a very busy area, 23 kph is too fast. It would be like driving up that street in your vehicle at 70 kph. He should slow down, in my opinion.


I was using the communal bikes in Kilkenny the other day. The Bolt ones. They limit you to 20kmph.

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Didn’t work out that way for the poor divil in Bicycle Thieves

cager breaking lights as kids cycle to school

Definitely a refugee’s fault there.

I’d say this happens an awful lot. A teacher in my old school was badly injured years ago when someone did that. And a guy I worked with did in Dublin to a woman on a bike, just opened the door and never looked. Her hand was badly damaged and she got a massive insurance claim as a result. The usual craic with people, just park where ever they want and not think about what they are doing.

Dooring looks great craic to be fair :laughing:


I see Anthony Stokes is in a spot of bother due to being a cager.

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The brother in law got an awful dunt from a dooring cager. Parked in a cycle lane as well to add insult to injury. Got a massive insurance payout that paid for a kitchen extension and the obligatory island.


What a moron of a cyclist. If you’re caging past a parked car to must stay out at least 1m to allow for this. Are cyclists exempt from common sense?


No. A cyclist must never be inconvenienced, ever. They must never be required to stop and never required to use a designated cycle lane.


Exactly he had loads of space to keep out,he should be anticipating these things.

Is there enough space for his wheelchair to get around the island?

If there was a car behind him he’d have been out in the middle of the road, the cunt.

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@Ambrose_McNulty 25/12/22 “im sick of people on bikes cycling in the middle of the road”
@Ambrose_McNulty 31/1/23 “Why dont people on bikes cycle in the middle of the road”