The Cark Thread


Cark people tearing themselves apart on Come Dine With Me on TV3. Typical Cark people, would fight with their fingernails.


I would hope Cahalane at 6, with Cadogan and Shields inside.


This thread has died a slow and horrible death!Im trying to look at things from an impartial perspective and i still think Cork is still probably the nicest city in ireland.Limerick and Waterford are okay too and i can take or leave Dublin and Galway!


What or where would you recommend a tourist to do if visiting Cork city??


Im not sure to be honest.A lot of Corks attractions are a bit overrated although climbing the Shandon Steeple is fun and the english market while being a tourist trap does offer an authentic feel of what life in Cork is like.I suppose the place itself is an attraction really!Just go for a walk round town.Take in a few of the inner city areas like Barrack and Shandon Streets and hop on the open top tour bus.


So the jewel of Ireland has fuck all to offer visitors??


Well it has just as much to offer as Limerick there’s some ancient fort thing just off Barrack Street.Cork shopping and recreation facilities are top class and it’s a nice place to walk around when the sun is out.You can go on a cruise of the harbour.It’s just the whole atmosphere and vibe like.You either get it or you don’t!


We did lose that day but what a player that Joe Kavanagh fella was!He wasn’t as dangerous though when he lost that yard of pace.


I loved the goal here and the celebration!


the english market, what a load of shit. Famous because Lizzy visited it and a load of traders licked her arse, how very apt Cork has nothing going for it, wanker bouncers, rebel county my arse, ask the wexford boys what they think of the North Cork Militia, where the rebels get their name from


Dinny Allen going down like a sack of spuds after Paudi hit him a clip


You do know that the Nork Cork miltia terrorised the locals you silly little man.


[quote=“Tassotti, post: 803937, member: 361”]Dinny Allen going down like a sack of spuds after Paudi hit him a clip


Yeah you’d never see the gooch doing that like.:D;)


funny that it was Setanta Halpin that introduced diving into hurling


Are you jealous that i come from the land of 121 all ireland and the only county in the modern era to win both senior all irelands in the one year?Are you jealous that a man from my county Teddy McCarthy won 2 senior all ireland medals in two weeks?Are you jealous that Cork is the only county that put manners on the 5 times european champions Bayern Munich?Are you jealous that Cork is a lovely place from Charleville to the city and from Youghal to Castletownbere?


Are you from Cork yeah?


Nah biy i grew up on Careys Road and i hurled with abandon on the Bombin field when i was a young fella!o_O


Give it shhhhhhhhky Boooiiiiii!!!


What the fuck?

TASE - stop pretending to be from Cork. It’s obvious it’s you.


I’m not usually one for cheering on Cark but I do hope Spike O’Sullivan keeps his unbeaten record going tomorrow night in Wembley Arena against Billy Joe Saunders!! Its on Box Nation and Steve Collins Jnr is also boxing after his first win last week.