The Cark Thread


Could i have a list of here of which posters are on friendly terms with Cork and those who are on not so friendly terms.I will put the names of the Cork hating posters into my little black book!If anyone has any opinions of Cork city or county whether they are positive or negative share them here.If anyone has Cork related questions i will answer them to the best of my ability.Finally i would like to ask South Limerick Referee about the footballers chances on winning sam next year and the hurlers chances on winning a munster title!


There is already a thread on Cork bro. It’s called ‘Cork’. A guy called Tommy the Guns was baited by Dunph and myself on it, check it out. Like two cats toying with a dying Thrush.


Beautiful City, tell us a little about yourself? Are you a big rugby fan? Would you be in favour or independence for Cork? If the ghost of wolfe tone jumped up on your back would you let him ride you or would you pull him off?


I support Youghal gaa club and the Cork hurlers and footballers.I think independence from the 31 county jokelet that is the rest of ireland would be the job.Sure we have the oil all we need now is some sheikh to start pumping in the money. :slight_smile: :ireland: :cool: :pint: :smiley: btw I have no time for rugby ball.




I think most Limerick people know deep down that Limerick is a hurling county.


Which do you prefer, hurling or bogball?


A good start. But you didnt answer the most pertinent part of my question. If the ghost of wolfe tone jumped up on your back would you let him ride you or would you pull him off?


I support both Cork teams equally but i would prefer the hurling to the football.


Have a guess!


Ok, you can stay


:rolleyes: Its not a difficult question, everyone else has answered it on their arrival to the forum.




Rebel county my hole.


I think the footballers are in with a great chance of landing Sam next year.We have the best panel in the country and a pile of class forwards but we need to smarten up with the tactics.The new selectors should help on that front.I would be hopeful that the hurlers can win munster at the very least.


FFS even Cork lads belief the myth of the Cork footballers having the best squad in the country.


Turrenne your like a virus doing the rounds!Are you on every site in the country at this stage? :wave:


:lol: Keep em coming kid!


Outside of Tipp i’d fear no one in munster and were always well able to ambush Tipp.


I ask this with a huge degree of trepidation but what soccer team do you support?