The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Three


Fianna Fáil TD Eamon O’Cuiv on my Dublin-Palermo Ryanair flight last Sunday week. He was with a similarly aged lady who was presumably his wife and another couple of couples. One of the other ladies made a comment as they were all boarding about the O’Cuiv clan potentially being wiped out if anything untoward happened the plane (cc @funtime). They were all quite jovial despite this comment out of context suggesting otherwise. They began talking in Irish when an Italian passenger made a bit of scene in trying to find space to store his luggage in the overhead cabinets. Eamon was wearing slacks and a short sleeved shirt.


What did they say about the Italian fella?


So the people of Malahide like to have lunch in a garden centre and the people of Portmarnock go drinking in a Leisure Centre?


He might be a vegetarian


That’s a cracking spot pal but I fear @Mullach_Ide will invoke the 7 day rule here.


Alan Hughes and Fagan aren’t from Malahide mate


Unfortunately this spot is time-barred, nice level of detail though and a definite improvement on unknown BBC weather people, you are on an upward curve and I feel it’s only a matter of time before a confirmed spot comes your way.

Keep up the good work pal.


Thanks for the encouraging words, mate. I think you’ll find it’s within the 14-day cut off period, however.


I’m afraid the time limit for claiming a celeb spot is 7 days buddy, i’m happy to clarify same.


That’s for confirming the new rule, mate. Luckily I got my spot in just before it came into effect.


Rule was in ages ago. One of my forays into this thread was disallowed a while ago, so you can go and shite


You should let this go now @Bandage. People have been fighting over the actions of the deValeras in this country for a hundred years and it’s finally starting to leave Irish life. No point firing it up again now.


I’ve made my decision, this adjudicator is not for turning. NOT a SPOT, by reason of the 7-Day rule.


Agreed it wouldn’t have been a spot had I not submitted it before the rule change. :+1:


Live Spot of Cillian Murphy at security in Manchester Airport T1. Looking as pissed off as the rest of us with the queue. No photo opp. Expect him to be on the same flight as me to Dublin in a while


Top spot


He’s at the boarding gate with Roy Keane. It’s raining celebs


Spot of the year if you get a pic of the two in the same shot.


Post of the Year 2017

Ooooft! They’ve obviously just rushed from the same barber shop to make the flight.

5 star spotting there :clap: