The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


You are a teacher.

You are responsible for raising the youth of today. You should be showing leadership.

Your language is absolutely appalling and reprehensible. Making a holy show of yourself and I urge you to desist from your vile behaviour.

TFK is only a bit of craic to let off some steam. Your behaviour is most unbecoming.

Accusing strangers on the INTERNET of being disrespectful to women/paying for sexual relations is just downright crude. Cop on.


@backinatracksuit has gone very edgy since that Nelly concert last week.


What Stage is this??

Are you actually weeping while typing that :laughing:


I’m in a zen like calm, mate.

You are as rattled as Darragh Fitzgibbon with 7 minutes to go last July.


He’s probably still prancing around langerland with an elastoplast on the side of his face






Zing… Zap


What’s the genesis of this feud and @backinatracksuit following @dodgy_keeper around the forum saying things like “yeah but you’ve never been with a woman you haven’t paid for”? It’s most unseemly.




Why don’t you do your own detective work, you clearly haven’t a fucking clue


You’re a bully.


You’ve turned into a fucking right nasty piece of work.


You’ve got some anger issues


You’re a creep


Lovely to pick up the nice post for this one. A slow burn is the best burn. Hon the Gog.


Where is the old Fish Cake gone???

God be with the days when he’d be all day posting photos of dirty dishes and fish pies.


That’s some lovely work fella, you have usual suspects hopping like sausazzzzzzzz…


No mention of his fantastic missus for a while now.


She may have fucked off with kids.