The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee (or help Flatty identify the celeb he just spotted)

Who? Michael Carrick.
I now know where he lives. I cycled past his house this morning as he and his family exited the very high electric gates (standard on this road)
Michael looked relaxed in a brown sweater with a semi hipster beard, and was driving an audi rs7 in white.
His wife, who wished me a cheery good morning as I passed was walking the kids to presumably the local school down the road. She looked pretty and not at all waggy. The snappers obviously loved their dad as they shouted goodbye to him.
That is all.


Thats a spot.


Bloody hell Flatty - that has come across as very sinister indeed. :soccer: :gun:

If it was Giggs we could start worrying. Carrick is safe enough.


What a blue chip spot to start the new thread Gold standard stuff.

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And we have the first self-nomination for the post of adjudicator after 5 posts.

Not at all. That was an observation, not an adjudication.

My day is made.

What’s going on here?

I think people are spotting celebrities in general life and post up their account of it here.

I thought the title of the thread explained it quite well actually.


Got that much, sport. I guess my query more related to why the new thread, where’s the old one, etc.

Superb adjudicating there Fagan :clap:


Finally I get to post my spot.
Former world champion boxer Bernard Dunne in the twelve hotel bar in Barna last Saturday afternoon.
With about 5 minutes to go in the rugby match Bernard strolled in with his wife (I assumed) and two kids, strolled through the bar, more like stalked to be honest, he had a funny way about him, not the kind of fella you’d mess with even if you knew nothing about him, took a seat at the furthest end of the room, he passed everybody.
He was even smaller than I expected, his jeans were ill fitting around the arse where there was far too much fabric than was required and was very noticeable, he wore a grey v neck jumper with nothing visible underneath.
I thought he was a sports fan as I knew he had worked with various teams, I noticed however that he never even glanced at any of the screens which were showing the match, even when a few oohs and aahs went up, I’m hoping that this last bit of info will get me my coveted spot.


I have fuckall jurisdiction here but that’s definitely a spot mate. Great attention to detail.

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He’s a midget ffs.

A midget that’d have you in shit before you could even raise your hands. Even a relatively shit midget boxer would make bits of most fellas in a row.

Is he a gangsta?
Might be like tackling bugsy.

Get up the yard.

I nominate @Fagan_ODowd


Who: Pat Jennings
When: Yesterday, 18:49
Where: Stansted International Airport
With: I would say his missus
Wearing: Black slacks, plad shirt peeping out over his round-necked navy jumper. Dark trench coat
Other notes: This giant of Irish football was sitting patiently for his flight. He wasn’t reading any material and was observing the busy airport duty free/waiting area. We were both sitting adjacent to the Next/Oasis/Super Dry stores at the time.


Ian Mccaskill


BBC bar Television Studios Wood Lane London

Wearing a grey suit and looking kind of flustered.