The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


@mac is banging @shannonsider’s missus and she is whatsapping him pics from their holidays?


Mac = Shannonsider.


@Mac doesn’t have the gumption to have another username.




@Fran please call around to @Mac’s apartment in Gorey and get an explanation


I have met @SHANNONSIDER and he is sound as pound.

Going by his online persona, I doubt very much @Mac is SS


I find this hard to believe.


very clear that @mac the desperate cunt has been snooping in @shannonsider social media accounts and its very clear @shannonsider is a desperately sad individual for posting that photo in the first place
no winners here, both sad bastards but @mac is as devious and as bent as they come but everyone knew that already


I’ll go check @SHANNONSIDER social media accounts and see if this is the case


I’ve also met @SHANNONSIDER and can confirm that he doesn’t have a big nose. Therefore he can’t be @Mac


I’ve met @Mac and can confirm that he is a total cunt.


Ive met @thedancingbaby and I love the big man




And I can confirm that I have met both @SHANNONSIDER and @thedancingbaby and they are distinct and separate individuals who share a love of racing and fine art.


I think what we have gathered this morning is that we are all alright sorts on here bar @Mac




@SHANNONSIDER stared across the bar at me in Vicar Street at a Midlake gig we were both at. I had mentioned on here that I was going and I am kind of recognisable.

In response I tried a ballhop on here in relation to him and @TreatyStones was threatening to call the guards on me in relation to it.


People missing the very very obvious connection here.

Mac = MC-Iroy


I played indoor soccer with SS once. He gets around


He has a very wavey approach to indoor soccer I believe