The Celtic Curse - TFK Haemochromotosis Sufferers and Carriers Thread



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It’s most worrying


We need to take action here. Can we organise some sort of committee to investigate his disappearance and secure his return?


PM us his actual name and we’ll get it sorted


I think kid chocolate murdered him


Would you not just knock into him on the way home from work some evening. Maybe offer to do a few odd jobs or pop down to pick up a few groceries from the shops


Someone go up to the Golf club some Saturday night and have a look for him.


I think he’s gone to support the goys at the World Cup. Swathes of Wales are third world with no internet. We may get a telegram over the next week or two.


963 :smiley:

Sign in @Fagan_ODowd


@Fran you’ve been doing really well here. I’m very proud of you. Good luck tomorrow, pal. Let’s work towards a sub 500 reading for Christmas. That’d be the best gift you could give us all.


He lives !!! Huzzah


I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,
Alive as you or me:
Said I, but Joe you’re ten years dead;
I never died said he.
I never died said he.

In Salt Lake, Joe, Great God, said I,
Him standing by my bed;
They framed you on a murder charge,
Said Joe but I ain’t dead;
Said Joe but I ain’t dead.

The copper bosses framed you Joe
They shot you Joe said I;
Takes more than guns to kill a man,
Said Joe I did not die.
Said Joe I did not die.

Joe Hill ain’t dead he says to me,
Joe Hill ain’t never died;
Where working men are out on strike,
Joe Hill is at their side,
Joe Hill is at their side.

And standing there as big as life
A-smiling with his eyes.
Said Joe, what they forgot to kill
Went on to organize,
Went on to organize!

From San Diego up to Maine,
In every mine and mill -
Where working men defend their rights
It’s there you’ll find Joe Hill.
It’s there you’ll find Joe Hill.


Not back in until next Thursday, much happier with the progress though. A sub 500 reading pre-Christmas is a good target that the forum can aspire to




Come on @Fran. Let’s be having you.


Hemingway :smile:


I had to cancel @Fagan_ODowd :disappointed:


Ah Fran. We’ll never get there at this rate.


I’m block booked for the next 4 weeks now, ready to have a real crack at this bastard


933 :grinning: