The Celtic Curse - TFK Haemochromotosis Sufferers and Carriers Thread


Lovely jubbly


Good stuff @Fran I badly need to get myself checked actually. :disappointed:


I’m a steady 85 myself now @Fran. A medical marvel is what I am.


You feeling any benefit yet?


Zero benefit, if I am being honest except that the sword of Damocles they were threatening me with in the hospital a couple of years ago has moved a couple of inches from the top of my head.


Are your joints not feeling a bit more free? Tiredness better?

I suppose a lot of it is the unseen like your kidneys & liver


Are freak of science defying all the odds, what a result!

How long did it take you to get it down as a matter of interest?


Never felt any tiredness, which was unusual and possibly why I wasn’t diagnosed sooner, so nothing to report there.

Once you haven’t gone so far as to get cirrhosis, damage to the liver is reversible, so I am grand on that score. Damage to everything else isn’t though. Particularly the joints. Once the cartilage is gone, it’s gone.


Once I started going weekly it flew down. Went in about 9 months.


1019 :open_mouth:


Don’t worry pal. Not a straight line equation remember my little pen and paper graph?


Cheers mate, your support is greatly appreciated at this tough time


808 :ronnyroar:



In the immortal words of Ger Loughnane @Fran

“We’re going to do it”



We’re going to give it one hell of a go anyway




Just spotted this now Fagan, you have this thing by the balls now.

866 for me this morning :worried:




Are you even trying?


Have you changed the diet any bit?