The Celtic Curse - TFK Haemochromotosis Sufferers and Carriers Thread


Great news @Fagan_ODowd


Thanks Fran. @Julio_Geordio how are you hanging in.




267 :eek:


RIP Fran.


Hi Fran… you made a little quip there recently that made me LOL - I think some poster said they get no thanks — and you said loads of thanks around here, maybe it’s you … or something along those lines … Anyway, I thought it was a great little reply and I just wanted you to know that before you die.


Fran, what the absolute fuck? Have you been on the drink again? I’m in on Tuesday.


It had been about 9 months since my previous visit. I wouldn’t say I’m gone mad on the drink but I haven’t really altered my lifestyle in any great way to account for my condition. I’m booked in again for early June


Your comments give me great solace at this difficult time



Good man @Fagan_ODowd


Those of you who actually work may have missed it but when I was out and about in the car there earlier Pat Kenny had a good piece on haemos on his show. He had Maurice Manning, Ireland’s first openly Haemo man and a doctor called Frank Murray.

There are 40,000 of us in this country.



Must have taken a lot of courage for Frank to come out like that


There may be 40000 of you but you share a narrow genetic line that the rest of us in the know are avoiding like the plague


I was talking to the consultant there today. He said that by his reckoning 55% of haemos have Tipperary or Galway blood in them somewhere along the line. I didn’t quiz him on how he came to this conclusion


Sounds to me like he’s trying to throw a poor Waterford fella some sort of bone for the hurling.


It never rains but it pours


That is very wide. Would need to know in what generations the mutation happened to make sense of it


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