The Celtic Curse - TFK Haemochromotosis Sufferers and Carriers Thread

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Nearly there again @Fran. Take it easy on the hooch now over the Christmas and you’ll be grand.

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Back in again for January, hope I can push it out again to 6 monthlies

I hope so too Fran.

Fair play to ye lads it sounds like an awful fucking affliction.

It is but we don’t like to go on about it.

I don’t know how ye do it.


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Iron overload disorder just roll’s off the tongue, unlike the haemoch**************************"""


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Rangers getting hockied 2-0 , watching it on Freeport’s

You’re well on top of this now Fagan

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Down to 240…going the right way but having serious problems with joint pain…it’s a cunt…

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Tell me about it.

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Gender reassignment would be a great cure for this condition. Your monthly period would flush out the iron in jig time.

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I know. But in my case I’d be post menopausal.

I wouldn’t want to encounter o dowd mid-period.

What did you start at @Faldo?

How long have you been doing the vena sections?

Few years now Fran,was up over 1000 at the start.since it’s gotten lower the pain in my shoulders and elbow’s is cuntish…idontknow…

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