The Celtic Football Club - Champions 2011/12

Today’s title winning goals and celebrations courtesy of bonfigli on the huddleboard. I would also like to invite the bhoys and ghirls of TFK to share their other favourite moments of Celtic’s victorious campaign whether they be word, picture or video.

1-0 (Mulgrew)

2-0 (Loovens)

3-0 (Mulgrew)

Rocko, please embed any videos that only appear as links. Thank you.

4-0 (Hooper)

5-0 (Ledley)

6-0 (Hooper)

Rocko, please make a gif of Samaras reaction after his effort was brilliantly saved by Bell in the first half.

Celebrations in Barga, Tuscany:

Come On You Bhoys In Green:

That. Is. Sensational.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

ESPN Match Highlights Package:

Post Match Onfield Celebrations:

The moment when Neil strode to the Celtic fans with one arm aloft and the other thumping his chest and the noise that erupted from the stands was just fantastic.


Ah some great videos there. I’ll make that gif tomorrow Totti. I may need a reminder.

I hope Glen Loovens stays, Sammy may suffer without his bestest friend.

Bandage would I be right in saying this is the first time that TFK AFC and Celtic FC have both been champions of their domestic league concurrently?

Yes indeed Rocko.

Young Tim Mjallby is a stone cold legend.

Timothy Mjallby ‏ @Timmj95
[font=verdana]Glasgow Celtic Champions. Wow? I thought Rangers won the title in september #15pointsclear?[/font]

Blair Ferguson Blair Ferguson ‏ @BlairFerguson
[font=verdana]@Timmj95 you’re totally amazing ! Why doesn’t anyone know who you are again ? Aw yeah cause you’re only there cause your dad.[/font]

Timothy Mjallby ‏ @Timmj95
[font=verdana]@BlairFerguson [/font]
[font=verdana]Probs cos im 16 and dont play for the firstteam,who are you?[/font]Away home and beat yer gf. Your only here cos ur dads jonnie burst
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Haha.Who is Blair?


Just some random hun supporter.

Fuckin brilliant :lol: