The Clare Roasters thread

Lets be having ye coonts… Roll on saturday!!

Eddie Lenihan is a Kerryman and a national treasure


Christ the puke started a thread as a ball hop and all ye can think of is this auld shit, sure tis hardly rocket science slaggin off our Marty

Christ are capable of independent thinking at all

the two lads of d’unbelievables


:lol: :clap:

A hugely respected national broadcaster and the greatest full-back of all time, in any sport :clap:

Slim pickings if brian lohan is up here.

Indeed, a high flying banker who, disgusted at the emerging culture in that industry, left only to come back even stronger with an even more successful auctioneering and financial services business of his own. An all round winner.

Can some one throw up pics there of Biddy Early and Fanny O’Dea…


:lol: :lol:
:clap: :clap: :clap:
:guns: :guns: :guns: :guns:

The poppy wearing cunt