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Over Christmas I heard a story about a guy I know (older lad, but a friend of the familt) who was contacted by JP McManus a few years ago (10 or so probably) about building a national stadium. McManus wanted to pay for a stadium himself as long as there were a few conditions attached - it wasn’t to be sponsored, couldn’t be named after anyone and it was to be for multiple sports.

Anyway the guy I know was asked to sound out a few construction companies and draft proposed projects to facilitate the stadium being built. He went to the US and met a few people and in California met one of the largest stadium construction companies in the world (Turner Construction I think).

He met some guy there and had an informal meeting and left it at that. He was about to leave when the CEO of the company called and asked to be speak to the Irish guy. He called him into another rooom and told him that he’d been over in Ireland before to pitch for a national stadium with the government. In the middle of their proposal he was called away into another room where he met then Taoiseach Albert Reynolds, Bertie and a few financiers. He said that what they asked of him and what they told him about the project was the single most disgraceful thing he had ever heard in all his years of construction and that at that point the company decided they’d never pitch for a construction contract of any sort in Ireland again.

Moral of this story: We could have had a cracking second stadium built for nothing but the meddling and interference from gombeens ruined it on us.

You have to give us more than that.

Say this was merely a story for a novel or something and you’re not naming any names etc.

In that case, what might the Taoiseach, future Taoiseach and a raft of financiers in this no-way based on reality fantasy tale have said to the construction company CEO?

Spill it… Spill it

I don’t know what they said to the CEO, that’s the problem with the story. Desmond was one of the random financiers though: not sure who else is there but I’ll find out.

A bit of a pointless story if I may say so


Rocko may I say that that was a shit story.

Anyway young Fred Forsey of Fine Gael was found guilty of corruption today.

[quote=“Fagan ODowd, post: 52097”]Rocko may I say that that was a shit story.

Anyway young Fred Forsey of Fine Gael was found guilty of corruption today.[/quote]

I wonder will the lovely Miss Morrissey “wait” for him while he’s doing porridge?

God that’s an awful anecdote. I wish I could remember more of it, if I knew any more, so I could at least add to it and try and justify the new thread. Apologies to everyone.

To make it up to us could you amend the thread title to simply make it the corruption thread. We don’t have one of those already.

Well dunlop plead guilty and got 3 years iirc. So id like to see something similar here if not more. I also hope this is just the start of this type of prosecutions especially for those named in mahon

His only saviour might be the fact it happened in Waterford and no one really gives a fuck what happens there.

Jenny Forsey was not to be trifled with. A woman spurned is an unpredictable animal. A limousin if you will.

I hope Thraw takes note.

Don’t worry, Fagan, I’ve mastered the art of turning into such a complete cad that they dump me first and everyone goes home a winner.

Fred’s mistress is 17 years younger than him, I read. Sounds like he’ll be happy enough tonight despite the verdict.

Fred will be somebody elses mistress in a couple of weeks time. He may not be too happy about that.

Fred didnt exactly do a great upgrade job when he moved on from the wife…

[quote name=‘Kinvara’s Passion’ timestamp=‘1337531270’ post=‘627318’]Fred didnt exactly do a great upgrade job when he moved on from the wife…[/quote]
That’s a bad photo KP, in fairness she’s a fair auld lasher, god bless her. What she see’s in that loser I don’t know. Word is the developer that handed over the 80k is now going to be investigated even though he took out an injunction to prevent his name being mentioned in this trial.

Was wondering why the developer wasn’t being named, he was named initially so anyone with any interest knows who he is.

Fred Forsey is after getting 6 years in the slammer (two suspended).

Excellent news. Tough sentence - doubt he was expecting that.

Who is gonna keep this lady warm at night?