The Cost of Living Crisis 2022

Replacing the Covid19 crisis

Log all all your experiences

Got a letter today, from August my energy bills are going up £700

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Diesel hitting Wan 70 in the capital

Mary Lou wants the Govt to give the money tree a good shake

Thanks to Global Warming I’ve had the cheapest winter ever for home heating oil.


Inflation is going to get out off control unless the ECB take immediate action, BOE already on the case raising interest rates

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Based on inflation at 5.4% would I be correct I my calculations that a 9% increase in salary would be required to be in the same position as 12 months ago? Based on being in the higher tax band?

My ESB bill in December was €190 was €335 in December 2020 main driver was we had been using the immersion for hot water when we moved into the house, since last July it has been running off the oil in a dual system one control for water and one for heat. Running it for for an hour in the morning provides more than enough for the day.

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Sell now if you are still on a tracker

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Slab o cans is the bones of 50 quid now. A disgrace Joe


2 years of sitting on their arses thinking it could all be paid back with “cheap borrowing” some lads in for a big shock


George Lee was right. The economic price for lockdown will be seen as too high


Most smart fellas are putting projects on hold and retreating into their shells with a few pound in their pockets. Its going to get nasty for a while lads.


Gas Bill 390 last week :rage:

I saw it coming, shit is about to get real, the LITDTF crew are going to loose everything


Did you leave the immersion on?

It’ll be like the Roaring Twenties in Berlin they said.

It will alright. A taxi will be less expensive than a bus as you pay for bus at start of journey.

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Wait for this one. Energia wanted the direct debit to go from €110 a month to €227. Fucked them out if it and switched to sse. Got the bill for the balance owing which was €48.

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SSE will be gone bust soon, you’ll be paying 1000 pound a month this time 10 months

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I’m gonna switch myself. I’m just over a year now with Bord Gais… You should switch yearly.