The Cost of Living 📈

So did mine.

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My father still mentions it occasionally

169.9 for Diesel. Been a while since it cracked 170

A good pal from NYC visiting last night so I took myself into town to have a Hugh Hynes with him. I haven’t drank a pint in a pub in Dublin in a long time, certainly since this most recent bout of inflation. €7.40 for a pint of Five Lamps in Kehoe’s. We’ll be at €10 pints before the decade is out.

No wonder young lads are on the powder etc etc

6.60 about the norm for a pint of Guinness in Dublin. 4.50 for a pint of Beamish in Dunmore.

Your American pal would be paying nearly double that for a pint in NY when you factor in the tip.

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In fairness, the government need to protect people from themselves. Can’t have lads drinking pints ffs. I wonder will they put a minimum price on the marching powder like with alcohol. The nanny state is the future.

That’s why there is such a big drive to a cashless society. Digital money which can be completely controlled by the government.

Another lockdown and they could limit transactions to only work for approved retailers.
Drinking too much? They could limit you to x number of alcohol transactions a week.


I wonder how much will the €9 substantial meal cost in the next lockdown?

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They will also be able to tell if you left your 15 minute zone


That’s a fact, you’ll have to request a visa type thing to leave it. Your bank card wont work outside preapproved areas

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Thats a fascinating snapshot.

The poor aul swiss roll.


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Nightclubs gone the way of the dodo :dodo: and replaced by air fryers.


I would suggest Nightclubs have been replaced by Milk and Meat Substitutes. Gin has replaced the nightclub.

Gin is a milk substitute?

Aye. Thats how its gone now.

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The poor auld swiss roll

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