The Daily Debate 25-03-2020 - Limerick v Waterford v Cork

Which were the better team not to win Liam - Limerick in the 90s, Waterford in the 00s and i’ll throw in Cork from the 10s.

the latter had the back door, would that have made a difference to Limerick in 95?

  • Limerick 90s
  • Waterford 00s
  • Cork 10s

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Limerick were the most unlucky not to win one and really should have in the 90s. But has to be Waterford on the basis that Limerick had an all time great in Carey and a great supporting cast but Waterford had three all time greats in Flynn, Mullane and McGrath.

Even as a Limerick man I’d have to go for that early 00’s Waterford team

I was gonna let the debate be Carey or McGrath

Tony Browne would surely rank as an all time great?

That Limerick team really only had a 3 year shelf life 1994-96. Even by 1994, it was a radically different Limerick team than that which would won the league in 1992.

That Waterford team were team were there for the guts of a decade. They win four provincial titles from 2002-10 and in 10 seasons from 2002-11, they were in 8 All Ireland semi finals.

00s Waterford team

Given that the 90s contained absolute dross and the 00s contained the greatest team of all time and some other quality sides the bar for Waterford was way higher than Limerick in the 90s.

Limerick made 2 AIFs - beating Ger Lough’s Clare twice along the way, who were far from dross (but I see what you did here) … Waterford made it to one final through the back door.

cc @ChairmanDan

They beat Gel Lough’s Clare once

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Limerick did indeed make two All Ireland Finals. Under the old straight knock out championship structure that pertained prior to 1997, that Limerick side had to contend with the might of Antrim in both semi finals in 1994 and 1996. The two final collapses, to Offaly in last 5 minutes in 1994 and to 14 man Wexford in 1996 were something else.

Correct Len Gaynor was manager in 1994. Up your game @Thomas_Brady

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Yeah you’re right – they played them the years prior but I was thinking of the big 95 one which they lost.

Ger was a selector in 94

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I voted cork in error but no contest here as it is Waterford . A huge factor is that they came up against Kk and Cork teams that were utterly brilliant

You can change your vote if you select show vote. If it bothers you that much that is.

How many times did they meet KK ?

: it is a done deal anyway ; thanks anyway kid

98 , 04 , 08 ,

the Wat team of the 00s met kk in 98?