The definitive Greatest 100 Songs of all time

Just arranging the finishing touches to the list now lads.

Not long now gents…


This will be interesting

Mark Nelson to figure strongly.

I want to have his baby’s



Admins please delete this ridiculous post from this thread:mad:

When you say “of all time” do you mean “20th and 21st century” or will we get a more comprehensive tour of music through the ages.

I mean exactly what it says on the tin. Not much longer now… please be patient

Shouldn’t be too much longer now my friends…

Anything by Jethro Tull!!!


:rolleyes: Yourself.:rolleyes:

Nearly there now…

Yerra hurry up to fuck this better be good!

Bumped for laz.
Is it ready yet?

[QUOTE=“Distended Red Anus, post: 1000354, member: 2648”]Bumped for laz.
Is it ready yet?[/QUOTE]
We are on the home straight people. One more cup of coffee should do it

Jesus wept, galway might win an AI hurling in the time this is taking