The Dodgy Keeper states the obvious thread

this is a thread for logging anytime dodgy keeper states something so blatantly obvious you wonder to yourself if dodgy is the full shilling

Ill start the ball rolling

dodgy keeper tells the world that there was a penalty shoot out in the Brazil Chile game

  1. You are a cunt.


Dodgy Keeper states that Young Ned of The hill is a cunt.

I like this thread.

Knocked it out of the park! :clap::clap::clap:


That backfired spectacularly.

A serious mugging off

Dodgy keeper wins.

Get your coat Ned

Ned is an absolute cunt

@dodgy-keeper in - “irish people love a bandwagon” - shocker

Just back from the Gaelic Grounds.

Delighted with that win. :clap:

Ballymucker 0-06 Ballyhoura Shamrocks 0-05

It was pretty much point for point until the end in this West Limerick Junior B Football League Semi-Final. However in the second minute of four minutes of injury time (a dog ran onto the pitch at the start of the second half delaying proceedings until umpire Hammy Dawson caught him and brought him out of the ground), Miley O’Deasy punched a long hopeful punt into the box over the bar to give Ballymucker the narrowest of leads. From the next attack the men from Ballyhoura broke through and won a free just outside the 21 and to the right of the posts (it turned out to be a good professional foul by John ‘Bomb’ O’Toole.). Ballymucker 'keeper Fergal O’Deasy (no relation of Miley’s), impressive throughout, made a tremendous block and diverted it out for a 45. The 45 dropped short, Ballymucker scrambled it clear and the ref blew for full time. Would have been absolutely sickening and gut wrenching to lose it after having taken a slendour lead deep into injury time.

That was a very decent Ballyhoura team, would expect them to go on and do well in the West Junior B Championship later in the summer. For our lads Miley O’Deasy was sensational at full forward and was probably the difference between the sides scoring 0-05 in total (0-04 from frees). It’s unfair to single out players for special mention such was the gallant team performance from 'Mucker but i’m going to go ahead anyway and mention a few. Billy ‘Bots’ O’Connell at right half back, Johnny Murphy centre-back, Seamie O’Deasy (brother of Fergal’s) in midfield and finally at centre-forward 38yr old Willie Power who did a tremendous job curbing the influence of Ballyhoura’s star man Sean Quane (first cousin of former Limerick football legend John Quane). The Ballymucker subs also made a positive contribution when lads were tiring late on in the second half due to a lack of training in recent weeks (the management team walked out on the team in May due to a disagreement with the club chairman Pat Pitz, who after a bad defeat in a challenge match against Tournafulla went to the Limerick Leader and in a printed interview questioned the performance of the management team) so there has been training only on Sunday morning’s now after mass by stand in player/manager Willie Power.

On we march to the West Limerick Junior B Football League Final. Plenty to work on, still conceding too many goal chances and can’t keep relying on the class of Fergal O’Deasy between the sticks to keep us in games. Doubt that St. Fenians will spurn them in the final. Great win all the same, third win over Ballyhoura Shamrocks in the league in four years. We’ve never won the West Limerick Junior B Football League, so just relieved to get through to the final tonight. It’s been 2001 since we last got there. Up Ballymucker.


Post of the decade by @Tess Tickle.



The ref absolutely rode Ballyhoura Shamrocks in that match.

Great post @Mac :clap:


Do your thing, mate.