The Dublin Bay Prawn

A renegade poster who cares not one whit or joult what anyone thinks of him. Prawn, as he is afectionately known TFK pops in for a short period (usually on a Friday afternoon for some reason), sorts everyone out with smileys and is away then, not to be seen again until the following Friday afternoon.

Many people suspect the Prawn to be loved [wiki]TFK[/wiki] poster [wiki]NCC[/wiki] however forum Admins [wiki]the dunph[/wiki] [wiki]rocko[/wiki] and [wiki]bandage[/wiki] have insinuated that this may not be the case.

Either way, the Prawn livens up the place when he comes in, and is now a much beloved member of [wiki]TFK[/wiki].

The Prawn is thought to be a lover of all matters [wiki]GAA[/wiki] with Munster Hurling holding a special place in his heart.