The Eamon Dunphy Thread

Favourite Dunphy moments

(1) Rod Liddle
(2)I managed to stay alive for 63 and a half years baby
(3) Where did you get these 2 from


“Well I did it…”

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How did Eamo possibly wriggle out of that one??

‘Roy Keane is the best player this country has ever produced and these two (Giles and Brady) are next. But as a man he’s miles ahead’.

A few years later he was giving out about Keane.

Dunphy lamenting that Glen Whelan was starting a match ahead of Wes.

Brady told him that they played in different positions and it wasn’t a fair comparison.

Dunphy asked him who Brady would drop then for Wes.

Brady said he didn’t want Wes to start and never said he did,

Still “That was in a different era”

  1. ‘This fella Ronaldo is a cod’
  2. “Terry Venable was sacked English FA last Thursday morning at HALF PAST EIGHT.”
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He dug in with that one even when Ronaldo was posting 30+ goalscoring seasons😅

The comment about Steve Staunton driving a train above is gas.

The Landon Donovan piece was TV gold.

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Goodnight Bianca, see you baby. :joy::joy:

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Just brilliant on so many levels


Does anybody have the link to John waters meltdown on his podcast a few years back over the abortion debate ? That was an iconic bit of audio.

Absolute gold.


That’ll never get old

I hated the cunt but hes the greatest sports pundit of all time by a country mile

Marie is very insular in her thinking