The Eamon Dunphy Thread

Post your favourite videos/stories of this famous man. I’ll start…

My favourite part is at 1.39 where he tells Souness “you don’t know what you’re talking about”. Vintage Dunphy…


“Keep out of this Bill, this is a football argument”



Fine Gael is planning to woo a star-studded line-up of celebrity candidates to run in the next general election, in a bid to secure an overall majority in the Dail.

The party has already had unofficial contacts with Eamon Dunphy, the football pundit, and Shane Ross, the independent senator. It hopes to recruit Eddie Hobbs, the financial guru, and Denis Hickie, a former rugby international.

A senior party source said that Enda Kenny, the Fine Gael leader, was undeterred by the party’s disastrous experience with George Lee, who resigned after less than a year and returned to RTE.

“We just have to be more careful to choose people who wouldn’t get the culture shock that George did, and who wouldn’t be so sensitive,” said the party source. “We will be aiming for an overall majority, but to do that we have to strengthen our offering to the public with candidates who have strong national appeal to mop up floating voters.”

Party sources say there has been “chit-chat, but no official contact” with Dunphy concerning the election. The television pundit is regarded as strong candidate material, with “great street cred”, who could run successfully in a number of Dublin constituencies.

“He’s a passionate man who is obviously concerned for the country and he would have strong working-class appeal,” said a party source. Dunphy was unavailable for comment.

Hobbs, who spoke at the Fine Gael conference last month, is also regarded as prime candidate material by party headquarters. “If he were interested we could run him in a number of Dublin constituencies, even though he’s based in Kildare,” the source said. “We’ve had no meaningful contacts with him yet, but it’s early days.”

Hobbs did not rule out running for the party, but said he had not been approached. “I’m obviously interested in what’s happening in the country, and I have tried to influence debates on certain issues,” he said.

“I’m not convinced it would make much difference. There’s always the danger that you could end up as just another footsoldier, who wouldn’t be able to change anything.”

There is said to have been “chit-chat, but nothing of a specific nature” between Ross and Fine Gael.

“He is an experienced politician. He has a good brand, and would appeal to middle-class voters, even though he can be quite radical,” said the source.

A spokeswoman for Ross said he had no plans to run for Fine Gael.

His book ‘Only a Game’ is a seminal piece of work. Quintessential Dunphy. A mass of contradictions but before he became a populist figure of fun.

Giles told a great one about Dunphy a few years ago. Something like Giles organised a tour to Chile and South America back in the 70s. Dunphy before the squad was selected starting sending out letters to all squad members about Pinochet etc and how they should boycott the tour. Giles anyway names the squad with Dunphy in it and wasnt sure who was going to show up. Low and behold he gets to the airport and who does he see but Dunphy at the head of the queue for check in.

Think he was the only Irish player in Britain to wear a black armband in memory of those killed on Bloody Sunday too.

Keane quits Man Utd

I’m going to have a full transcription of this video in the few weeks. Giles is a stumbling, mumbling fuck.

Did Dunphy sing Raglan Road with someone on his TV show one night?

I can’t find a clip of it on youtube.

Has anyone got the clip of Dunphy telling Brady - “You missed the boat, baby!!”?

Is it not in clip I posted above?

“You jumped the fence baby”

also that isn’t the clip I was on about, this was on his own Saturday night show.

Oh yeah that was another clip with him singing, you’ll have a job finding that one though.

He also told Brady he missed the boat in that same exchange but it’s not in the clip…

Yeah he never said you missed the boat baby, he said “you jumped over the fence baby” and after that clip he says “you missed the bus” after Brady asks who put it together. The rest of that bit is class actually if someone can find it.

This is the rest of it

I see Dunphy is with Newstalk now-2 hour show on Sundays.
Gets around does the Dunphy.

A concise and fast paced analysis of up to date news and politics. The Dunphy Show guarantees lively debate, straight-forward questioning and quality analysis.

“I didnt manage anybody…I managed to stay alive for 63 1/2 years baby!” :smiley:

any sign of the clip where he turned up drunk one morning of the world cup with Peter collins?

Clashes with Marian Finnucane’s show. He enjoys going up against high profile competition doesn’t he (Morning Ireland, Late Late, Five Seven Live). Think he would have been better off picking a different slot to be honest.

I’d usually listen to Aw Swhiiam aw Swiiimith on Today Fm if I had radio on at that time. Might give Dunph a chance though.

Nice shot of bon viveur Eamonn enjoying a white wine in Deauville.