The Eamon Dunphy Thread


Eamon going off on one of his “state of the nation” type addresses about the decline of association football, in this case focussing on Bayern Munich, Juventus and AC Milan, “great clubs that simply can’t compete anymore”.


They call Bayern Munich FC Hollywood in Germany but in Hollywood you gotta have the stars, baby.


He’s only short of mentioning his sporting bingo full house - Ruby Walsh, Henry Shefflin, Brian O’Driscoll etc.


Compare the lack of effort Robert Lewandowski put in tonight compared to great sportsmen like Jonny Sexton, Davy Russell, Joe Canning and Shane Lowry.

It’s a disgrace, Darragh, it’s a disgrace. This guy is earning millions a year.


Are these the new 4 now ??


Shane Lowry :grinning: he has some work ethic alright. Oh Eamon


Eamon called it last year lads, and will be vindicated when Liverpool bate the bag off Real


That is outstanding tbf

#109 :smiley:


Waters is genuinely mentally ill. That is so obvious.


Class :sweat_smile:


We need more of this sort of stuff


I remember when Dunphy used to do the last word he hosted 2 epic rows ;

Robert Fisk v Alan Dershowitz


Pat Rabbitte v Damien Kiberd .


Best thing about September 11th, 2001.

Just think, if those two planes had never been flown into the World Trade Centre and the towers hadn’t collapsed we’d never have heard Dershowitz melt down for our entertainment.

Luckily the planes were flown into the World Trade Centre and the towers collapsed, and we did get to hear Dershowitz melting down.


Any link to that?


“Ah don’t go”


The holy grail of links*. I heard it live and I think once more when it was played back on the radio years later.

*Along with footage of The Shamen being booed furiously by the crowd at Highbury in September 1992, when they mimed “Ebeneezer Goode” at half-time during Sky’s Monday Night Football coverage of Arsenal v Manchester City.


Great to see Una Mullally get a trimming in this as well.


Has left RTE. Contankerous slaphead Richie Sadlier to take over the contrarian role.