The Emergency Budget

What’s going to be hit?

Heard a murmur yesterday that those on over 100k will be taxed at 48%.

Mary Hanafin just said on Q&A that tax bases will not be moved considerably now but may be at the end of the year.


Mary Hanafin just said on Q&A that tax bases will not be moved considerably now but may be at the end of the year.[/quote]
Obviously means that a higher income levy will be applied until the end of the year so:mad:.

I’d say Capital Gains Tax might go up to 25%, maybe even 30%, but with the stock markets in the state they are would it really be worth the increase? An increase could also see to turn future potential investors off and make problems even worse for the Irish Markets.

Fags, booze and petrol definately in for a beating methinks, but I’d be very surprised if they put diesel up given the problems in the public transport areas.

The big question, will we all be paying 1c per text next month? The likes of Jugs and Bandage will really feel the pain if this tax gets the go ahead, they’ll have to learn how to break up face to face with their Copper’s flings in order to save money on text tax so they can pay for the increase in alcohol duty that helped get them said flings in the first place.

Women should be taxed extra as 99% of them are tramps.

get up of the mat Shannon

Dust yourself off and get out there.

A lad like you with the good job and the farming family should be baten’ them off.

They can’t tax the text just like that. For one thing, people pay recurring charges every month and get 100 texts included in that bundle so you don’t rate those text so you can’t charge them so you can’t tax them.
There are plenty of instance where you can buy bundles and get extra texts for free so you can’t just slap a tax on that either or the phone companies will have to re-write tons fo software.
In a nutshell the tax on texts has to be a non-runner.

Cost of living is down about 5% so dole should be dropped by 5% at the very least.
The career doleys get me mad.
Income levy up to 2% which will be the same as putting the top rate up 6% or 7% as it’s on all income.
They will drop the tax bands, raise lower income and higher income taxes.
Overall, I’ll have to figure out how much less off I am each month and then spend that amount less.
This government are pathetic though.
They are spending too much, not taxing too little.
They need to cut back on the silly spending and cut out silly jobs and then reduce public sector wages by 10-20%.
Same as what is happening in the private sector.
Yours etc,

The best thing they could do is bring back means testing, if you can afford something you shouldn’t get it for free, if you can’t then you get the benifits, there has to be enough of work dodgers in the civil service that could check out what people are earning and work out their benifits from there.

[quote=“Garda Sean Horgan”]The career doleys get me mad.

A right shower of cunts, absolutely bleed the system dry…I have no problem with someone being long term unemployed if there is a reason for it, but I do have a problem with cunts who were too work-shy or too fond of the high stool to get up off their arse and work when things were good, instead they spent their time devising the best ways to scam off the social welfare and pretty much everyone of these cunst is an opinionated prick

I would agree with that as long as it was done in an equitable way, the problem that would arise I would say is that people would start looking for under the table/cash in hand wages in order to get/lkeep free medical cards and such, thereby scamming more off the state

In the last Budget the Government halved the duty on Bank cards (laser, atm etc). What was the point in doing that? Nobody notices that duty being taken as it’s deducted automatically taken by the bank every year, no one noticed that it had been halved and most people don’t even realise they pay it.

Even if a proportion of people did that, it wouldn’t be the 100% that is given out at the moment, and have it that if your caught trying to dodge teh system that all benifits are cut, maybe saving even more money :wink:

I suppose…There has been serious clamp down on benefit fraud in the last 12 months especially amongst trades men

There has always been and there always will be benefit fraud, just as there will always be people that are unwilling to work. I don’t see why a couple earning, say 200k a year, should be getting the same benefits as a couple earning 50k.


The big issue here is how to try and grow the economy
Cutting spending on the scale they are looking to is a vicious circle- the more they cut, the less people spend and the tax take decreases requiring more cutbacks.
We should be looking to stimulate the economy-
what are the govt doing to stimulate employment in a real way?
how are they supporting companies and trying to keep them in business?
what incentives are they putting in place to help start ups?

We are in the shit in a major way and should be looking for some short term fixes to give us space to develop a coherent economic growth strategy. As a nation we need to develop indigenous industry- but there is no plan for what industries we should focus on?

Energy, carbon abatement and the green agenda are areas that we could carve a niche for ourselves in. There is a massive requirement for employment and all the Govt can think of is cutbacks…

I think it was on another message where I read about Norway and how that there government had been setting aside money during the good times for when an economic slump hit, and now that it has hit they are using the money to commence large scale social and infrastructure projects that will create a lot of employment to keep people in jobs until things start to pick up in other areas again.

That is proper government and planning.

Ireland put money aside too, billions in fact but we just gave it to the banks to make sure their bonuses were going to be paid.

a bit strange you having a pop at doleys on here pukey when the more prevalent issue is why just a few months after having a budget that you thought was excellant & you defended staunchly they have another one- did your hereos in FF fuck up again?

I think you’ll get a better response via PM :wink:

benefit fraud or misuse wouldnt dent that much of a hole in the economy compared to any number of monumental fuck ups by FF -

may god help me, I’m going to agree with the corncrake on this one.
for shame pukey, for shame.

From reports in different places today the general consensus is that we will be looking at a 10% reduction in living standards.
Biffo is banging on us having to live like we did in 2002.
Well that was back when the government and banks were promising that house prices woudl slow down but not drop and that they had everything in order and not to worry abotu buying a house that you can’t afford.
Tax/beer/fags etc etc will all be reduced to match 2002? Oh no. Taxes will go way up so that you’ll take home much the same as you did then, but you’ll be paying way more taxes and beer fags and petrol will all go up and your job might be lost and we will still allow the banks to make a massive profit on your mortgages.
Fianna Fil have destroyed the country and it looks like they are going the wrong way around trying to fix it.
Following the budget on Tuesday there may be rioting in a big way.
The public sector will be hit the same as the private sector (maybe a bit less) but they will still strike. No-one will spend a cent. It will be mortgage and savings.
The pension funds (personal ones) that the government wanted people to take out have lost 40% in the past year. People need the money now more than at 65 so they will take money out of these pensions, especially if they drop the pension relief.
All in all, I do expect that this shambles of a government will do what they always do and that is to bend over to the public sector, screw the private sector and manage to hurt everyone and fix nothing.
Yours etc,