The end of Joe Player?

I have received communication from @Joe_Player that he has resigned from TFK.

It’s been a bad week for Clare hurling. Defeat after defeat after defeat and now their biggest supporter on TFK is throwing in the towel to concentrate on other matters.

It remains to be seen how long Joe’s sabbatical will be, or if this is the time for a rebrand. Only time will tell

It was only a matter of time before @rocko deprecated his spambot.

The Jackie Tyrell article must have sent him over the edge

Jackie was quare quiet about Kilkenny and Waterford and Ozzie Gleeson.

TBF, KK died with their boots on - they were just not good enough.

YOUR A DEAD MAN HERE @cluaindiuic


Clare have a good chance that they’ll beat Tipp Joe. Their two games in the back door were no shows. At least Clare’s both games were competitive. There is every chance Clare can raise their game and beat Tipp and it would not be a shock to anyone if it happened, Tipp have impressed no one and there is still a question mark hanging over them. I would still place them as favourites over ye but not raging favourites. It’s all on the day Joe.

It will be a tip win but i hope we put hope a fight

Clare will beat Tipp.

Maybe maybe we’ll just have to wait.

Is this the shortest resignation in TFK history?

@admins dungeon this thread

I was at a wedding

Bang the mong who created it more like.

I don’t think anyone likes that term Harry, cop on.

Wait until I publish the PMs from @Joe_Player asking for me to inform the forum of his resignation :flushed:

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Joe has mugged you off here, pal.

Advantage Clare ahead of the weekend.

Big time pal. @Joe_Player has mugged me off good and proper and there’s still a week to the match.

The tactics will only get dirtier over the course of the next week

FOAD you racist cunt.

Calm down mate.

TIP are the best team i ever saw cc @caulifloweredneanderthal @carryharry