The England junior thread

Signing in. Scotland, a hellhole province full of servile lickspittles.

Fuck Scotland.

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It’s a very strange place

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Grim folk. Fuck the Scots

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This lot failed to get independence when it was in their own hands FFS they have been shitting the togs in every walk of life throughout history and that will continue tonight in Slovenia.

Men wear skirts , like poison like Irn Bru , they love sectarianism . Horrible people .

You could be incurring the wrath of the Scottish football fanatics here.

Obligatory Trainspotting scene.

vile people vile place


Check out @GrahamSpiers’s Tweet:


Epic rant in fairness. Why did a certain lapsed poster just flit across my mind ?..

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That’s absolutely superb.

Ah jaysus … I’ve a pain in my stomach here from laughing…tears rolling down my face. I love a good rant/ video of someone losing the plot. Cracks me up big time…

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One or two anger issues there


What did you study at uni? Bakery? Ya fookin donut


That was my favourite bit as well. I’d love to see highlights of that game.

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He looks like he enjoys a nice pint of gravy in the mornings.


He’s makes videos regularly if you search on You Tube.

He didnae send aff wan, he sent aff fuckin’ three

Holy Christ i haven’t laughed as hard at something in a long time. And he’s right MacLean is a wee prick.

A prick’s prick.

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