The Fairy Palace of the Quicken Trees

After years of reading from afar I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to join in on the fun. I hope I don’t step on too many peoples toes…

That’s a horrible way to start.
If you’ve been reading and paying attention, there are at least 50% of posters you want to offend immediately.

I was obviously being sarcastic you massive simpleton.


That’s more like it.

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You’ll get on well here.

I think I’ve this one worked out :grimacing:

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@barneyCurley asked @Bandage to remove his account. He didn’t realise the hammer would come down on the Applecrumbled account as well where sensitive info rested. I have started hating myself recently and tfk is not the place to be sometimes. Sorry @mac and @Raylan for lashing out. I’d plead with @Bandage to restore applecrumbled.

FOAD cunt

What does that stand for you pot smoking hippy? You were licking my hole for four years and at the first sign of a bit of pressure you revert to licking the Laois lost boys hole. I once considered you an e friend but you’ve turned into a shambles of a man since this virus started. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I’m only messing.

That was a hurtful enough reply you prick.

Get lost. I’m one of the must understanding people on here and always forgive but you crossed a line last. For what reason I’ve no idea. Best of luck to you Harry.

FOAD so, mate.

Just give it up then.

No I’ve one good reason to stay.

I didn’t take it personally but I think you cut @Mac to the quick that one time. You wouldn’t say that to @Horsebox like, the harmless oul cunt.

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I like horsebox

You couldn’t but like him shure


Enjoy your day raylan.

It’s evening, kid.