The feck_it Intervention thread

@feck_it is drunk as a skunk at 9.17 on a Wednesday Morning

time for his e-friends to intervene

Help me

The smell of of my own shite is going to make me puke

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That would be a low ebb in life, having to puke on top of your own shit.

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You’re gone to the dogs since limerick won. Are you with your family on this jaunt?

Nearly managed it in work Monday morning. Got the flush away just in time

Looks like @feck_it has gone and done something drastic … does anyone know what country he is in?

Morning guys. What’s up?


where are you, in the Americas?

Yo Bro

Yep, in the states, man

where abouts, bro?

Texas man. The yanks are mad

Yeah, it’s the yanks that are mad :grinning:

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Far worse than us/me/general mick.

What brought you to Texas bud?

Work man. sure I had to gaago the game sunday,

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Book Monday 20th off now.

And the 21st

So you work in Intel. interesting.