The Fingal Planning Thread


an applegreen is opening on the feltrim roundabout :open_mouth:


With a drive through Burgerking :open_mouth:


i note a leaflet in pslc whipping up the nimbys in portmarnock into a frenzy about the lidl


Can’t really see it being stopped. Most likely granted with conditions. In other news, I predict a severe outbreak of Nimbyism in Howth in the near future.


About the halting site at the Deerpark?


Yep. The old concrete plant isn’t it?


The traveller accommodation is down at the other end of the site where the little park with the tennis courts was.


Hit Portmarnock for swimming. Once you do that regularly your life will be savage.


Does the owner post here ???


It’s not @the_selfish_giant anyway, he lives in Swords.