The Fingal Planning Thread


I’d like opinions on the following proposed developments:

  1. Demolition of Bayside Shopping Centre and apartments and replacement with gym, supermarket and retail units.
    This one is a no brainer for me. The “shopping centre” is a disgrace.

  2. Lidl in Portmarnock at old Church site.
    I’m leaning towards opposing this one. Traffic is already a bit of an issue and I’m worried about the impact on the quality of life south of Comerford’s Cross.

  3. Demolition of 15 Howth Road and construction of new exit from Supervalu car park.
    I’m for this. Think the premises to be demolished is just up from the barbers there and will create a new one way system for entering and exiting the car park.


1 I am in favour. Bayside SC is a blight on the Bay Area.

2 undecided

3 in favour. The fuckacting that passes for driving at the current entrance needs to be sorted pronto.


Any plans for the old Holy Family Church site @Rocko ?

  1. Agreed
  2. Meh
  3. Is this Sutton Cross? Pig of a place to get out of.

Yep. Long overdue. There’s a side exit sort of thing onto Station Road but that’s always been a crap and semi-prohibited solution.


There have been plans mooted to have an council run home for the elderly on the site. I imagine it might face opposition.

  1. Against. I’d level the whole of fucking bayside and put in a roller coaster.

  2. I’m for it, I think, with modifications to its current planning. Traffic is not as big an issue with this site as you think.

  3. For it.


If sure you could advise them on how to get around the planning laws.


As I will be moving to palatial Fingal in the near future could its inhabitants give me some general dos and don’ts on the area

  1. Doesn’t affect me so don’t give a fuck.

  2. Same as above

  3. Same as no. 1

Who gives a fuck about what a shower of scummers in the northside build. It’ll be vandalised anyway. The most important building in fingal county is the social welfare office.


What part mate? Coastal?


The next village up from you I believe


Oh wow. On the Riviera? You’ll love it. I wonder if @The_Selfish_Giant will consider you for Thursday night football.


We have had some informal discussions via pm


Grand, I’ll have a read of those.


when you back?

you still free for the 25th?


I’ll be a while yet. I’m targeting an autumnal return.

25th is the big one. Only thing that kept me going during my darkest days.


You’ve mixed up fingal and finglas pal.

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Hi mate, I know you said you sent me on an invite, but I still haven’t received it. Is it ok if I turn up without it?