The fingal whistleblower

I have some revealing information about a centre right fingal counsellor and his fall out with a leading portmarnock hotel. I need assurances that I won’t get the McCabe treatment from the forum before I commit to blowing the whistle on this tale of power, corruption and sand dunes . Please let me know is it safe ?


We managed to keep the conor Murray / zebo video from leaking to the press so I think you are safe here.

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Fucking paedo. Keep your mouth closed.


The file has already been created in Tusla.

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We were meant to keep that private?

Safe as houses pal. There’s a few lads from the RNLI making sure everything is above board.

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Safe as houses built with dubiously acquired planning permission?



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II have now received the necessary assurances. Thanks to art Foley and his legal team for the advice.
So there exists a prominent and vociferous counsellor within the ranks of the smaller centre right parties. He knew his target market well and was clued into the high voter turnout anongst the older demographic of his catchment area. Said counsellor liked the comfortable surroundings of a beachside portmarnock hotel and was known as an Alan partridge type figure in the establishment as he would work the various rooms and seated areas, glad handing and plamassing the locals who used the establishment for elevenses. These locals were usually ladies of pensionable age.
Until recently an Italian gentleman , let’s call him guido; managed the bar and cafe areas. Guido knew which side his pancetta was buttered on and felt the counsellor was an important ally and a man of substance in the community. He operated a system of collusion whereby counsellor would beckon him for a round of coffee for his aging constituents. Guido would supply same but the good counsellor would never have to pay. Elderly constituents would duly note the generosity of their supposed benefactor and said counsellor would mentally notch up another round of first preferences or tranflsfers. Guido felt the hotel benefitted as the counsellor portrayed himself as a central figure in the local political establishment.
All was rosily ticking along till guido fell foul of the new American culture fund owners.
His replacement was less inclined to join the mutual back scratching arrangement and presented the counsellor with a bill for coffees ordered when he pulled his usual trick. The good counsellor lost the plot and is alleged to have asked the new manager if he knew ’ how Things worked on the velvet strand’. He vows never to return.

2 weeks later the vulture fund owners of the hotel see that the council have imposed a planning restriction on changes they intended making to the first tee box of the golf course, having previously been given the all clear. This was seen as unprecedented as the change just involved the removal of a sand dune. The good counsellor sticks this all over his social media claiming A victory for like minded environmentalists and a blow against capitalist vulture funds.

New Manager of hotel is currently having his contract reviewed.

Corruption, coffee,collusion and the planning permission required for a sand dune.


And pyrite

Just one small fact that needs to be mentioned. This centre right party had no problem giving up part of the strand to anto o reilly


This is regrettably correct , but you could arguably replace ‘no problem’ with ‘profited from’


It’s the way you tell em

Cracking yarn :clap:

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That was a thoroughly enjoyable read @Funtime.
Thanks for sharing.

Lesson here, @Funtime knows so you better keep your Fingal heads down.

Fingal is the cradle of corruption in Ireland .

I’ve given that the tenth like there. Fantastic creativity from @funtime. I particularly enjoyed how he played to the Italian sensitivities of tfk.

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I think this story may run yet. I believe @funtime was sent a ‘message’ today.

A message you say?

Not quite that far I think. I can confirm @funtime’s house had not burnt down by 11am this morning.